Tuesday, November 9, 2004

What's in Name ??

Today when I went for lunch, I glanced over the menu. "Chaspy" was listed at the fourth place in north-indian food. For sometime, until which I had not decided whether to have south-indian or north-indian food, I was wondering what actually "chaspy" is. When I was browsing through food, I realised it was actually "American chop-suey".

Well I should actually have guessed it, knowing the english spellings of my caterer, "Dhall", "stemed-rice", "pannir", "birayani", "kolla puri", "soop", "jaya puri", "shai paalaav", "badu-shai" etc.

Anyway whats in the name...Many times even my name comes under attack and with following most common mispronunciations: piyus, peeyus, piyu, pivs, fiyus, fivss.


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