Friday, November 26, 2004

Ricks in B'lore

The Funny Tale ...

Daily, I can see few auto-rickshaw's standing in front of my house. It has sort of become a rickshaw stand in the morning. One day I was sanding in the balcony of my first floor apartment, and happen to overhear following conversation. The so-called rickshaw stand is just below my balcony.

A person walked by the rick, and asked the driver to take him to Bannerghatta road, a place at about 2-kms from my place. The rickshaw driver flatly refused. The expressions on the face of rickshaw driver gave a look that someone has kept fire in his hands, or somebody has thrown filthy garbage. The person has to finally walk towards nearest bus-stand as no auto-rickshaw driver was ready. Reason, the place is too close to drive.

A few moments later, another passenger walks to the rickshaw stand and asks to take him to Koramangala, a place some 5-7 kms away from my place. The rickshaw drivers sternly refuses this time also; Stating reason at this time there won't be any return customer and adding that the place is not very far. Once again similar expressions appears on his (rickshaw driver) face.

Some time passes, another passenger walks to the stand, and asks to take him to Fraser Town, at 15 kms it is far. The rickshaw drivers looked at him, from his legs to his head, shook their heads and flatly said "NO". The reason this time, place is far. Poor guy had to walk towards another rickshaw stand.

I was stunned; my sympathies towards fellow passengers, but these rickshaw drivers were not even ready to go anywhere. I was rather worrying whether those rickshaw drivers would earn any money; Instead those rickshaw drivers were simply reading newspapers, chatting and couple of them even playing cards.

More on my experiences with b'lore rickshaws later.


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