Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Pitch Talk .

The Border-Gavaskar Series with australia is now over. Much has been said about the *great* Indian batting lineup and even more has been said about the pitches (Mumbai as well as Nagpur). I would say that these were the same pitches where both the teams played. It wasn't like one team played on one pitch and another on other. Nobody in India complained when similar pitches were prepared by New-Zealand when we toured new-zealand just before the world-cup.

But still australians are all complaining that the pitch wasn't any good. Had they won the last test match, they probably would not even had talked about it but rather about how well they had prepared, how they had planned things for so many years, and how everybody contributed etc. To add to their misery, they lost a match which was easily in their pocket. The much talked about best team in the world wasn't even able to score just 107 runs required to win the match and lasted only for over 30 overs. I agree with the points made by gaurav here. He has really got a good analysis of what went wrong and for whom.


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