Thursday, November 4, 2004

Cockroaches ??

Not Anymore . . .

I normally do not care about cockroaches. I see them occasionally, and they look so un-harmful and they keep minding there own business. They are common sight of every household, I believe, under sink, near drainage, or dark unused corner of the house. And keeping all the food-stuff closed, it anyway doesn't affect.

When gaurav gave up sleeping on floor, I laughed the incident off. Yesterday when I saw a cockroach merrily playing (sitting or sleeping??) on my bed, I lost all my sympathy towards them (poor creatures). I chased him and he ran towards his house. I launched shoe-sandal-acid-begon spray-fire-and-whatever-possible attack on him and his house. Looking at him, his other colleagues came out of hiding in revenge. I wasn't prepared to see so many of them coming out one by one from the small sink pipe. It was like the movie "Joe's Apartment" but the only difference was I out-numbered or rather out-strength them. I Wonder where they had been all this time.

BTW this had triggered the long pending cleaning activity of my room; it looks stunning now. And with no fear of sigting another cockroach (untill someone migrates from neighbouring house), I can get a good night's sleep.


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