Friday, November 26, 2004

Ricks in B'lore

The Funny Tale ...

Daily, I can see few auto-rickshaw's standing in front of my house. It has sort of become a rickshaw stand in the morning. One day I was sanding in the balcony of my first floor apartment, and happen to overhear following conversation. The so-called rickshaw stand is just below my balcony.

A person walked by the rick, and asked the driver to take him to Bannerghatta road, a place at about 2-kms from my place. The rickshaw driver flatly refused. The expressions on the face of rickshaw driver gave a look that someone has kept fire in his hands, or somebody has thrown filthy garbage. The person has to finally walk towards nearest bus-stand as no auto-rickshaw driver was ready. Reason, the place is too close to drive.

A few moments later, another passenger walks to the rickshaw stand and asks to take him to Koramangala, a place some 5-7 kms away from my place. The rickshaw drivers sternly refuses this time also; Stating reason at this time there won't be any return customer and adding that the place is not very far. Once again similar expressions appears on his (rickshaw driver) face.

Some time passes, another passenger walks to the stand, and asks to take him to Fraser Town, at 15 kms it is far. The rickshaw drivers looked at him, from his legs to his head, shook their heads and flatly said "NO". The reason this time, place is far. Poor guy had to walk towards another rickshaw stand.

I was stunned; my sympathies towards fellow passengers, but these rickshaw drivers were not even ready to go anywhere. I was rather worrying whether those rickshaw drivers would earn any money; Instead those rickshaw drivers were simply reading newspapers, chatting and couple of them even playing cards.

More on my experiences with b'lore rickshaws later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

What's in Name ??

Today when I went for lunch, I glanced over the menu. "Chaspy" was listed at the fourth place in north-indian food. For sometime, until which I had not decided whether to have south-indian or north-indian food, I was wondering what actually "chaspy" is. When I was browsing through food, I realised it was actually "American chop-suey".

Well I should actually have guessed it, knowing the english spellings of my caterer, "Dhall", "stemed-rice", "pannir", "birayani", "kolla puri", "soop", "jaya puri", "shai paalaav", "badu-shai" etc.

Anyway whats in the name...Many times even my name comes under attack and with following most common mispronunciations: piyus, peeyus, piyu, pivs, fiyus, fivss.

Pitch Talk .

The Border-Gavaskar Series with australia is now over. Much has been said about the *great* Indian batting lineup and even more has been said about the pitches (Mumbai as well as Nagpur). I would say that these were the same pitches where both the teams played. It wasn't like one team played on one pitch and another on other. Nobody in India complained when similar pitches were prepared by New-Zealand when we toured new-zealand just before the world-cup.

But still australians are all complaining that the pitch wasn't any good. Had they won the last test match, they probably would not even had talked about it but rather about how well they had prepared, how they had planned things for so many years, and how everybody contributed etc. To add to their misery, they lost a match which was easily in their pocket. The much talked about best team in the world wasn't even able to score just 107 runs required to win the match and lasted only for over 30 overs. I agree with the points made by gaurav here. He has really got a good analysis of what went wrong and for whom.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

The Village

Saw "The village" today. Felt like I am really in the village for over 2 hours. The sets are huge and good. They give you the feeling of the village life and the older era. But as far as the movie goes, it is too slow; much like the life in real village. During the fist half nothing significant happens. If you plan to go to theatre to watch the movie, don't be in hurry, even if you miss the starting, nothing will happen.

I guess "The Sixth Sense" was the best movie by the director(Manoj Shyamalan). It kept you guessing till the very end. But as far as "The Village" goes, after some point of time you can start predicting what happens next. The thrill of watching a scary movie is lost.

Going Home

Probably the first time, after I had come to bangalore, I am going home for more than the usual 7-days. This time for a complete 14 days. leaving on 10th and back on to 24th November 2004.
All those guys reading this, wish you a Happy Diwali.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Lets catch Verrappan.

Lets Catch Verrappan ??
Ram Gopal Verma is making new movie titled "Lets Catch Verrappan". The movie got publicity recently after verrappan was shot dead. He says that he had started working on the movie much before verrappan was shot dead, but now it seams that the title is to be renamed as "Lets Kill Verrappan".
Quesion: How can you catch or kill verrappan if he's dead already ??
(Just joking :) )

Cockroaches ??

Not Anymore . . .

I normally do not care about cockroaches. I see them occasionally, and they look so un-harmful and they keep minding there own business. They are common sight of every household, I believe, under sink, near drainage, or dark unused corner of the house. And keeping all the food-stuff closed, it anyway doesn't affect.

When gaurav gave up sleeping on floor, I laughed the incident off. Yesterday when I saw a cockroach merrily playing (sitting or sleeping??) on my bed, I lost all my sympathy towards them (poor creatures). I chased him and he ran towards his house. I launched shoe-sandal-acid-begon spray-fire-and-whatever-possible attack on him and his house. Looking at him, his other colleagues came out of hiding in revenge. I wasn't prepared to see so many of them coming out one by one from the small sink pipe. It was like the movie "Joe's Apartment" but the only difference was I out-numbered or rather out-strength them. I Wonder where they had been all this time.

BTW this had triggered the long pending cleaning activity of my room; it looks stunning now. And with no fear of sigting another cockroach (untill someone migrates from neighbouring house), I can get a good night's sleep.


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