Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wireless, A Problem.

Yesterday, we were discussing about the wireless control networks. You have a controller and an end-device, which is what actually you are trying to control. Now we discussed and debated about everything (how system would work and all) for hours, then at the end a question came up. Okay we have a wireless control network. It may happen that there are two adjuscent rooms, each room has a controller and it is to control fans and lights in respective rooms. How will you be sure whether your controller is controlling lights of fans in room A or room B. How will you know which controller is actually controlling whom?.

Finally we got an answer which is absolutely fool-proof, With the controllers and devices, we will ship tons of lead or two truckload of granite, so that signals from one room cannot enter another room.

If you have any fool-proof solution to above problem, you can spend some time to suggest me.


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