Wednesday, October 20, 2004

If you happen to travel behind a truck, you can't keep yourself off from reading whatever has been written on the back of truck. Normally you find "O.K. Sound Horn O.K.", "Buri Nazar wale tera muhh kaala", "Tata...Bye Bye..Phir Milenge", "Maa ka ashirwad" etc. When I was small I used to wonder, why these guys write these statements at all. The probability of seeing the same truck again on a highway is a very small number probably they are very optimistic, or who has a time to stop driving and to crib about.

Today I saw new addition to these statements."Please Don, pollute air!!". At the first I thought finally I saw a truck which has some sensible statement written on its back urging people to stop or reduce pollution, then I was cursing the truck driver for driving a truck emitting a thick blanket of smoke. I re-read the statement when the truck had stopped at the signal "Please Don, Pollute Air", I understood, he's actually urging Don to pollute air.

A small spelling mistake can do so much difference in the statements meaning.


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