Friday, October 29, 2004

The Day was just Packed!!

After a tiring hard day, it feels amazing to relax. I was testing my code yesterday and found something wrong. Afternoon, and post-tea session was spent in carrying out the extensive debug operation. We ( Finally I, when I alone could not find it, involved other teammates also :) ) searched entire code, scratched heads, used all possible logic, looked up all possible branches, tried all possible alternatives. But the outcome was simply "void". Just like a void pointer, all efforts finally pointed nowhere. We took a break, had some coffee, snacks, and when we come back it was a different story. All this time we were looking at the code and trying to search error, we knew something's wrong, we even knew what's going wrong, but we just could not place it. When I came back, and looked at the code, the error was obvious. It was right there in front of everybody, we just ignored it all the time. It was as sipmle as making a spelling mistake. Just like adding a semi-colon at the end of while() or for().

But It teached me few things, or rather reminded me of murphy's laws:-
Whenever something goes wrong, it will never go wrong at the most obvious error-prone places. Whenever you drop something, it will always roll up to the most un-accessible place Or in other words Whenever you start searching something, initially it will always be in the wrong direction.


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