Wednesday, September 1, 2004

A trip to Pondicherry.

I alongwith ajit, jaydeep, vishal and rohit had been to pondicherry this weekend. It was a wonderful trip, but I rather add little hectic. We reached chennai on saturday morning, and then took a state transport bus to pondicherry. The chennai state transport bus was pathetic (I better need not explain it here). The climate was very hot and humid. Since not being used to such weather conditions, It was vexing.
The road to pondicherry from Chennai is very good. Especially the East-Coast Road (ECR). The East Coast Road runs parallelly along the eastern coast of india with sea and beaches continuously on one side of the road generating a magnificent sight.
Most of the tourism in pondicherry is because of sri-arbindo ashram. That's the first thing people visit when they arrive. Auroville is an international city, as they like call it, is basically developed by Sri Arbindo with the concept that it does not belong to any nation. Any individual from any country of any race and religion is free to come at this place and will be able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of auroville is to realise human unity. Read more information here.
The beach at pondicherry reminded me of marine drive of mumbai. The road runs parallelly with the bay of bengal on one side and magnificent buildings on other side. In the evenings the road is closed for traffic so that people can roam around freely. There was a band on the roadside playing music. The city architecture is mostly influenced by the french culture. You will find roads with name "Rue di nehru", "Rue de Mahatma Gandhi" etc.
In the end we had very less time, but there is nothing much to see except auroville and beach.
The snaps of pondicherry trip can be seen here.


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