Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Since past week, I am terribly busy and I think so it will continue for another week or so. Many things happened during past week and I didn't had any time to write these off. Let me summarize few of the things that I feel are worth mentioning.

First of all, at the start of past week, we had an general quiz in the office. My colleagues came and asked me to participate along with them. So I ended up participating in the quiz along with 83 other teams. The quiz was based on general and current affairs. At the time when results were declared, I had gone out hoping that our team wouldn't be there in the final considering how we had fared. Later I came to know that we had a dream start and landed right in the finals. Till now I was never bothered about results, but suddenly I became very much conscious. I don't think there is any need to write about the results (we lost almost by double margin). Anyway what has started up as fun and timepass activity ended up in a good note. Now few days after, I got a mail from the quizzing organizing community, that I help them in organizing a good question bank for the quizzing fraternity. I almost laughed and felt like telling them "Hey I don't even know capital of all the states in India, Forget about remembering dates I don't even remember names after a week and you expect me to help writing a question bank". But I am now currently in the middle of this and I can't argue with them also as I ended up as finalist and now I am looking for a way out. Anybody with a suggestion, feel free to write a comment.

Since past couple of weeks, I am regularly attending practice for a marathi play titled "Sadashivpeth te Chamrajpeth". The Natak is set to make it's appearance before public on 19th (this month) during the ganesh festival. You all are invited. I will write later about venue and timings as believe it or not I am as ignorant as you about them.


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