Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Sadashivpeth Te Chamrajpet"

I still remember the way it started. One fine day, I got a mail from Harsh asking about whether anybody wants to participate in the drama. At that time, initially I had almost deleted the mail, thinking it as another junk mail. Later while cleaning up my mail box, I stumbled across it again and I sent a mail to harsh asking about details. Just like a that it started.

Later we finalized the script, started practising, and I got the responsibility to handle the music. I gathered all the required music pieces, arranged them and got the final required music pieces in required order. Since we all were mostly first timers, we did mistakes, and we learnt a lot from them. There were moments, when we thought of pulling out, there were moments when I had a low moral but collectively we held on.

The natak is based on Marathi people coming to bangalore for jobs in software industries. About the funny situations which occur with them. The attitude of rickshaw drivers, the near fatal roads in bangalore (you need to find tar from potholes), the driving of rickshaw drivers, the concept of house agent or broker, the attitudes of house owners, surroundings in the company and finally how they settle in bangalore inspite of criticizing almost about everything initially.

Yesterday, we got the results of the contest, We in all got three awards, "Nirmiti Karandak" for best experimental play, "Critics Award" for actor
(chandrajeet), and "2nd Best Nepathya" (me). I still remember the way it started and looking at it's end, it was a pleasant journey.

Now looking back, looks like doing everything in just 15 days wasn't possible. We did many mistakes, we learnt a lot, and hope in the future we will improve upon our performance by fair enough margin. "Yuva" group helped us a lot with the music, light arrangements and with many other minor things. Bangalore marathi junta, expect something from us in the next couple of months.


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