Monday, September 27, 2004

ICC Champions Trophy

What a match it was !! The ICC Final between the much lower rated West Indies and England was spectacular. England batted well scored enough runs that can be defended by their bowlers. In reply, West Indies got the dissastorous, rather a forgettable start. Needing 218 runs to win, they were reduced to 147 at the loss of 8 wickets by the english bowlers. Another wicket and that's the end of west-indies. Bradshaw and Browney then out-batted the English bowlers to create a legend for West-Indies. It was a stunning and spectacular display of their determination and their ability to bat. Tough it is difficult to expect a bowler to bat well, but these two bowlers batted better than other batsmen in their side. They looked calm and confident and were hitting the bowl very well, some of their shots were spectacular. Bradshaw was correctly adjusted man of the match though he scored only 30-34 odd runs.
Looking back at the ICC champions trophy, Perhaps, this could mark the rise of west-indies cricket. But that's too early to predict, as they still are the unpredictable team as pakistan. England looks like they are getting their form back and currently playing good. They need to improve their batting a bit more. South Africa did well, but Lara and Sarwan saw that they are out of the tournament. It looks like australia's bowling attack is getting weaker now. They looked completely ineffective against england. And speaking about India, they need to improve everything. Bowling looks good, but nobody's batting now.


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