Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Baker's Jest

Yesterday, I had been to bakery and I remembered the following incident happened with my colleague.
[ He wanted to buy some things. ]
Colleague: Wohh (pointing to) Veg patties garam hai kya ?
Baker: English illa Saar (For those who don't know Kannada, I don't understand english).
Colleague: Are these veg patties hot?
Baker: Haan Saab.

He doesn't stop here; theres further more.
My colleague wanted to buy egg-less pastries. There was an egg-less cake kept on the display which was cut into 10 equal pieces.
Colleague: Complete Cake ki kya price hai?
Baker: Rs 230 Plus Rs 30 extra, as it is egg-less. Total 260 Rupees Saar.
Colleague: Aur Ek piece ki kya price hai.
Baker: Rs 23 Saar.
Colleague: Thik Hai, Mujhe 10 piece pack karke do.
Baker: OK Saar, 230 rupees ho gaye aapke.


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