Monday, August 2, 2004

What a Match.

I thought india did bowl and field well, to restrict sri-lanka to a total of 228. Then when it was chance for indians to bat and score we required 229 runs to win the match, my dear, it was an hopeless chase. India going in with seven recognised batsmen (five of them termed as better batsmen in the world) never ever looked as if they will win the match. It looked as if 228 is a huge total. The biggest let-down to me was sachin himself. He wasn't prepared to take any risk at all. Playing as if he is playing a test-match. He looked more like an ordinary batsmen, though he scored 74 odd runs, but he should have been trying to hit the bowlers all over the park. He knew others were struggling, so he should have started playing shots freely, and he has ability to hit any bowler in the world. And still dilshan gives him "khunnas" and calmly takes his wicket also!!.

And yes, as far as scoring is concerned, tendulkar even now score's runs at a better strike-rate. It was the demoralizing effect that he used to bring with him, when he used to come earlier on the batting crease, that works most of the time. Take an example of sharjah for that matter, even bowlers of the caliber of shane warne used to fear him. And it is obvious, for how long a bowler will maintain his line and control under pressure. Tendulkar (the one earlier) and sehwag now are more dangerous than sachin as he is now. Look at australians, Do you think hayden, gilchrist or ponting would have played defensively as sachin is playing now? No for the matter of fact, they would have gone for a kill within 40 overs. India on the other hand managed to score barely 100 runs in 30 overs.

If your partner is not hitting bowl all over, you have got to take chances. That means you are at succeptible to lose your wicket as well. It is sachin who can play shots with huge amount of success rather than other batsmen. Agreed, all other batsmen failed, but the target wasn't any huge. And if tendulkar had been hitting the bowlers right from the beginning, maybe we may not have had lost those many wickets, and perhaps we could have won the game. Most of the wickets fell, because there weren't any runs on the board, and tendulkar wasn't taking any risk, and then they had no choice but to swing there bats to score runs quickly.

Overall if we look at the match it was a pathetic performance by indians. I am glad that they didn't give man of the series award to sachin inspite of scoring highest runs and taking second highest number of wickets in the tournament. He was bowling better in the series than batting. Attapattu really did a good captaincy. He rightly deserved man of the match award, more for his captaincy than his batting.

I wish, i could tell him he needs to relook at his batting style, what we crave for[from him] is not a innings builder [singles/doubles man] like Bevan or Dravid etc., but a destroyer and annihilator of bowling attacks, a demoralizer, a wizard with the bat, a man who pulls the game from the scruff of the neck!.


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