Monday, August 23, 2004

Marketing gimmicks

Shoppers have amazing way of publicizing there products. And most of the people always fell for there tricks.
For example, they set the price tags for products as Rs 299 only, Rs 399 only, Rs 499 only and so on. There reasoning is, 499 sounds much lesser value than 500; it gives them psychological advantage that a certain thing can be brought just under 300 or 400 rupees. People say "Ohh this is priced at 500. I cannot buy this". But when same thing is priced at 499 which is just 1 less than 500, peoples reaction is "okay let me think about it!":.
Another way is advertise in a bold print "End of season sale. 50% discount", and in very fine print just above the 50% write "upto". Or buy one and get one free or get a 20% discount on the second one and so on. The reason I am writing this is, yesterday, in spite of knowing all these tricks, I ended up buying three things instead of one.


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