Thursday, July 29, 2004

A thriller.

What a match it was. India certainly snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. Sri Lanka was placed solidly on the winning track, till last five overs were remaining, there was no way India looked as if they would win the match. Then Jayasurya lost his wicket, and India came back strongly to win the match. Never before I have seen Indian bowlers bowl last overs tightly. And worst they would not be that effective in removing the tail-ender batsmen of the opposing team. Hope they (India) win the next match and the Asia cup convincingly.


These days I have seen joys and sorrows so closely. I had never understood, why people go mad about football matches, why people react so strongly, when their team looses a match. During the recent India-Sri Lanka match, I have seen my friends scratching their heads. The Joy with which there face brightened, whenever a Sri Lankan wicket fell, and the pale face, when Sri Lanka looked as if they would win the match easily. They were really tensed, as zaheer bowled that last ball of the match. May be because deep inside we had an ambition to represent the country, maybe because we had a dream to become a sportsperson at some point of time, maybe we think sometime we should be playing there on the field, and the players there are simply representing some image of us on the field. We feel depressed if they fail, and we become cheerful if they win.


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