Thursday, July 1, 2004

Paper (napkin).

Sometimes, too much of a plush working environment (or a showoff that you work in a plush offices??) can lead to funny incidences. It happened few days back I along with friends have gone to kamat restaurant on the Bangalore tumkur road. The place was okay not a big one. We were chatting and jokes were flowing as we were having brunch. I asks waiter to get some paper-napkins. The waiter nods and leaves to get one. When he returned back, almost everybody burst out laughing. He had brought that day's newspaper. To save further embracement, I thought of pretending to read newspaper; and to make matter worse, the newspaper was in kannada, about which I don't even know head or tail. I tried explaining the waiter about paper-napkin: the thing, you dry and clean your hands, with. He listened patiently gave a peculiar look, took a page out newspaper, tore it in half and handed it back.


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