Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Other (mind?)

Sometimes, I feel, like I am sleeping, like everything's happening in a dream. I could see myself doing things with much more grace and in slow motion. As usual the doorbell rings in the morning, nobody gets up to open the door, but I didn't feel irritated. I could see myself getting up, opening the door, brushing my teeth's, reading newspaper, getting ready for the office and then driving my bike. I could see my mind pre-occupied with something. I could see what I would be doing for the day, never worrying about the traffic. I tried to concentrate on the driving, but again, it was somebody else who was driving. I don't know, how I balanced my bike, how I negotiated traffic, or even how I took various turns. And there I am after 20 minutes in the office, and I don't even realize how I drove or when I passed Delmia, or bannerghatta road or kalyani mantapa? It just happened without me. Just happened and all the way, I was talking with asif, or humming to the tune of some song. Now whenever, I look back and try to realize how do I do some of these things; I don't remember putting any efforts to do these things; don't even realize that I am doing them. Like reading newspaper while brushing, like eating dinner while watching TV, like eating chips while reading books etc. The mind is totally at a different place, and the body does something else with perfection.


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