Friday, July 30, 2004

Musical Horns.

Earlier car horns used to come in wide variety, for normal driving with low volume, a harsh one for highway, another for reverse gear etc. Now it seems there is a rage amongst bikers to take over cars in that department too.

Yesterday, I was on my way to office. I was struck in a traffic block. Not a surprising thing. As usual roads in Bangalore are pathetic and slightest rain will cause a traffic block because of (superb?) drainage system (which in fact overflows sometimes because of rains). And I never expected them any better either, I have in fact given up the idea long before, that roads will be better one day. No wonder wipro and infosys have decided to move to another city for expansions. I hear honking and I think this guy must be in hurry and poor guy stuck here for long time. Traffic moves couple of meters and I hear honking again. I ignore it couple of times, but it continues. I almost shout on the driver, and he says that he has installed a musical brake horn, instead of brake light (for more warning to fellow drivers). At the end of half hour in the traffic, I was so irritated by this driver that I deliberately stood there in front of him under the pretext that my bike had switched off, took time to turn it on again. What can the poor guy do? Apply brakes or sound a genuine horn? By that time others were also irritated, and they all came down heavily on him. Gave me such a relief.


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