Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mr. X

Confused?? then read on.
Last week I met a project trainee. Well I need not go into much details about how I met him, or he came to me and asked few questions. One reason I can give is somehow he figured out I work in this team. He came and asked me few questions about how he can proceed about his future. I myself don't know about my own future and he comes and asks me to give advice.
Anyway, I asked him "Which project you work on?"
and he shot back "Mr X" (name withheld, because there is fair probability of somebody from my office finding this).
I asked I beg your pardon (thinking that I heard it wrong), he replied "Mr. X" again.
I asked, what kind of project is this "Mr. X"? I have never heard about it?
Well in reality I work under Mr. X?
Then what is the project name.?
Well I am not very sure, but it's under Mr. X and I am working for past two months.
Who is Mr. X?
He's my project lead.. (Well anybody can deduce that.  I could not stop my laughter. I remembered a joke I had read somewhere, You ask a guy where is this shop X, and the guy replies in front of shop Y, you ask where is shop Y, he replies in front of shop X. )
Then some Q & A follow.
He suddenly asks me, What are my chances of becoming permanent.?
I replied, you answer like this, you will never become permanent.
For many questions I asked him,  most of the time his reply contained this word "Mr. X".


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