Thursday, July 22, 2004

Little Dilemma.

What I really want? is the question I quite frequently ask myself. A break from the work or a hectic work schedule. These days I comparatively have less work. And sitting all day in the office and doing nothing but reading things on the computer is driving me crazy. If I look one way, then it's comparatively a good life with no one really watching your back that what are you doing and how efficiently you are doing, but it isn't challenging. I liked it for first couple of days and now it's turning a boring experience. Somehow I feel it gives you a little feeling of insecurity. And at times when I had enough workload, I used to long for breaks, I used to look ahead at the time when I would finish up all this work and have some time for rest. Mind is so confusing, the more you try to look into it the more you get confused. It longs for a work, and when you really get to work it longs for a break.


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