Monday, July 5, 2004

A journey to Pluto.

I am probably the first amongst us to reach PLUTO :). After completing my work at the Mars base station, I had to move my operating base from Mars to Pluto. I called, movers and packers to pack off my belongings, which included a PC and other required accessories. I made a pit stop on Earth for lunch before carrying forward my journey. I entered into the main porch showed my access card and walked towards the capsule waiting at the basement to receive and take me off. I entered inside the capsule, punched appropriate buttons and then it took off. I reached safely on Pluto, second tier, right wing, and unpacked my belongings. Setup my PC, and communication network and there I was ready to carry my mission forward. Felt really nice. It is such a beautiful place. Nice bright colors, and just the near perfect working atmosphere. Gave me a wonderful feeling, and oh boy, I really made it. I made it to the architecture team.

For those who don't know, my office buildings are named after planets.


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