Thursday, July 1, 2004

Adios R&T.

Alas, today's my last day in R&T. Tomorrow I will be moving to architecture team. I really enjoyed being part of R&T (at least for the part when others used to stare at you with appreciation and show little respect for you).

Oh you work in R&T, wow that's great! Tell me more about your work? It should be interesting and challenging isn't it? And what were your qualifications, and how did you entered into R&T team? I also want to join R&T, what all I need to learn? The last question always put me under dilemma. Whether I really know anything so that I am in R&T? I always had been an average performer, and these people used to be surprised and there reply was "that's your modesty" and never used to believe me. (Expecting same treatment when I will say that I work for architecture team:):).)


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