Friday, July 30, 2004

Musical Horns.

Earlier car horns used to come in wide variety, for normal driving with low volume, a harsh one for highway, another for reverse gear etc. Now it seems there is a rage amongst bikers to take over cars in that department too.

Yesterday, I was on my way to office. I was struck in a traffic block. Not a surprising thing. As usual roads in Bangalore are pathetic and slightest rain will cause a traffic block because of (superb?) drainage system (which in fact overflows sometimes because of rains). And I never expected them any better either, I have in fact given up the idea long before, that roads will be better one day. No wonder wipro and infosys have decided to move to another city for expansions. I hear honking and I think this guy must be in hurry and poor guy stuck here for long time. Traffic moves couple of meters and I hear honking again. I ignore it couple of times, but it continues. I almost shout on the driver, and he says that he has installed a musical brake horn, instead of brake light (for more warning to fellow drivers). At the end of half hour in the traffic, I was so irritated by this driver that I deliberately stood there in front of him under the pretext that my bike had switched off, took time to turn it on again. What can the poor guy do? Apply brakes or sound a genuine horn? By that time others were also irritated, and they all came down heavily on him. Gave me such a relief.
Another thing that irritated me is this. Everybody cannot buy Harley-Davidson or for that matter its Indian version 'Bullet' or Royal Enfield. What they do is by a cheaper bike Bajaj boxer or something like that; break their silencer pipes to get closure to the traditional beat of bullet. Some even replace their back tyres with thicker ones in addition to breaking silencer pipes to make a point that they are driving real race bikes. All these poor bikes can do is make more sound than the speed with which they can travel. I don't know what kind of pleasure they derive.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

It gives you immense joy, delight, and gratification when things happen when you least expect them. Looking back at the last few months, and the way I did some of the things and the brief dismal period of transition, I never expected these outcomes. And suddenly today, I realized that we have achieved so much and done so many things.

A thriller.

What a match it was. India certainly snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. Sri Lanka was placed solidly on the winning track, till last five overs were remaining, there was no way India looked as if they would win the match. Then Jayasurya lost his wicket, and India came back strongly to win the match. Never before I have seen Indian bowlers bowl last overs tightly. And worst they would not be that effective in removing the tail-ender batsmen of the opposing team. Hope they (India) win the next match and the Asia cup convincingly.


These days I have seen joys and sorrows so closely. I had never understood, why people go mad about football matches, why people react so strongly, when their team looses a match. During the recent India-Sri Lanka match, I have seen my friends scratching their heads. The Joy with which there face brightened, whenever a Sri Lankan wicket fell, and the pale face, when Sri Lanka looked as if they would win the match easily. They were really tensed, as zaheer bowled that last ball of the match. May be because deep inside we had an ambition to represent the country, maybe because we had a dream to become a sportsperson at some point of time, maybe we think sometime we should be playing there on the field, and the players there are simply representing some image of us on the field. We feel depressed if they fail, and we become cheerful if they win.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Funny Order.

This is the most funny order I have seen and an equally funny reply.

We had gone to City Choice Restaurant this tuesday. My friend gave order "Ek Veg. Sweet corn soup Two by Three karke". And after some time waiter brought One Sweet corn soup equally divided into two bowls and a third empty bowl.

There was one more incident worth mentioning, we ordered shahi murg or something. Waiter came after some time and tells us, shahi murg is not available sir, instead take murk adraki. There is no difference between the two except for colour.

Little Dilemma.

What I really want? is the question I quite frequently ask myself. A break from the work or a hectic work schedule. These days I comparatively have less work. And sitting all day in the office and doing nothing but reading things on the computer is driving me crazy. If I look one way, then it's comparatively a good life with no one really watching your back that what are you doing and how efficiently you are doing, but it isn't challenging. I liked it for first couple of days and now it's turning a boring experience. Somehow I feel it gives you a little feeling of insecurity. And at times when I had enough workload, I used to long for breaks, I used to look ahead at the time when I would finish up all this work and have some time for rest. Mind is so confusing, the more you try to look into it the more you get confused. It longs for a work, and when you really get to work it longs for a break.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mr. X

Confused?? then read on.
Last week I met a project trainee. Well I need not go into much details about how I met him, or he came to me and asked few questions. One reason I can give is somehow he figured out I work in this team. He came and asked me few questions about how he can proceed about his future. I myself don't know about my own future and he comes and asks me to give advice.
Anyway, I asked him "Which project you work on?"
and he shot back "Mr X" (name withheld, because there is fair probability of somebody from my office finding this).
I asked I beg your pardon (thinking that I heard it wrong), he replied "Mr. X" again.
I asked, what kind of project is this "Mr. X"? I have never heard about it?
Well in reality I work under Mr. X?
Then what is the project name.?
Well I am not very sure, but it's under Mr. X and I am working for past two months.
Who is Mr. X?
He's my project lead.. (Well anybody can deduce that.  I could not stop my laughter. I remembered a joke I had read somewhere, You ask a guy where is this shop X, and the guy replies in front of shop Y, you ask where is shop Y, he replies in front of shop X. )
Then some Q & A follow.
He suddenly asks me, What are my chances of becoming permanent.?
I replied, you answer like this, you will never become permanent.
For many questions I asked him,  most of the time his reply contained this word "Mr. X".

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Other (mind?)

Sometimes, I feel, like I am sleeping, like everything's happening in a dream. I could see myself doing things with much more grace and in slow motion. As usual the doorbell rings in the morning, nobody gets up to open the door, but I didn't feel irritated. I could see myself getting up, opening the door, brushing my teeth's, reading newspaper, getting ready for the office and then driving my bike. I could see my mind pre-occupied with something. I could see what I would be doing for the day, never worrying about the traffic. I tried to concentrate on the driving, but again, it was somebody else who was driving. I don't know, how I balanced my bike, how I negotiated traffic, or even how I took various turns. And there I am after 20 minutes in the office, and I don't even realize how I drove or when I passed Delmia, or bannerghatta road or kalyani mantapa? It just happened without me. Just happened and all the way, I was talking with asif, or humming to the tune of some song. Now whenever, I look back and try to realize how do I do some of these things; I don't remember putting any efforts to do these things; don't even realize that I am doing them. Like reading newspaper while brushing, like eating dinner while watching TV, like eating chips while reading books etc. The mind is totally at a different place, and the body does something else with perfection.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Yesterday, I completed two years in Honeywell. Looking back, it seemed just yesterday I had joined this company, and now two years have gone so quickly. I did some good stuff in those two years, worked on three RTOS's and written almost completely the last one. Though I don't like ageing but time seems to be deeply in love with me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Life's like that.

Sometimes (or usually?), when i really try and work hard to achieve or complete most of my work in a day, I end up finishing very less; But when I don't worry about how much I have to achieve and no goals set for the day, I end up finishing with more than a day's work. Life's like that; the more you try to get out of it, the less you had achieved at the end of day. The moment we give up and let the things happen; suddenly you start enjoying every moment of it.

Monday, July 5, 2004

A journey to Pluto.

I am probably the first amongst us to reach PLUTO :). After completing my work at the Mars base station, I had to move my operating base from Mars to Pluto. I called, movers and packers to pack off my belongings, which included a PC and other required accessories. I made a pit stop on Earth for lunch before carrying forward my journey. I entered into the main porch showed my access card and walked towards the capsule waiting at the basement to receive and take me off. I entered inside the capsule, punched appropriate buttons and then it took off. I reached safely on Pluto, second tier, right wing, and unpacked my belongings. Setup my PC, and communication network and there I was ready to carry my mission forward. Felt really nice. It is such a beautiful place. Nice bright colors, and just the near perfect working atmosphere. Gave me a wonderful feeling, and oh boy, I really made it. I made it to the architecture team.

For those who don't know, my office buildings are named after planets.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Adios R&T.

Alas, today's my last day in R&T. Tomorrow I will be moving to architecture team. I really enjoyed being part of R&T (at least for the part when others used to stare at you with appreciation and show little respect for you).

Oh you work in R&T, wow that's great! Tell me more about your work? It should be interesting and challenging isn't it? And what were your qualifications, and how did you entered into R&T team? I also want to join R&T, what all I need to learn? The last question always put me under dilemma. Whether I really know anything so that I am in R&T? I always had been an average performer, and these people used to be surprised and there reply was "that's your modesty" and never used to believe me. (Expecting same treatment when I will say that I work for architecture team:):).)

Paper (napkin).

Sometimes, too much of a plush working environment (or a showoff that you work in a plush offices??) can lead to funny incidences. It happened few days back I along with friends have gone to kamat restaurant on the Bangalore tumkur road. The place was okay not a big one. We were chatting and jokes were flowing as we were having brunch. I asks waiter to get some paper-napkins. The waiter nods and leaves to get one. When he returned back, almost everybody burst out laughing. He had brought that day's newspaper. To save further embracement, I thought of pretending to read newspaper; and to make matter worse, the newspaper was in kannada, about which I don't even know head or tail. I tried explaining the waiter about paper-napkin: the thing, you dry and clean your hands, with. He listened patiently gave a peculiar look, took a page out newspaper, tore it in half and handed it back.


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