Thursday, June 17, 2004

When I had initially applied for my credit card, I had filled the form correctly. And to best of my knowledge the communication between me and the bank was fine. Today, I got a call from the bank, and they asked me "Can I talk to Mr. Dinkar.?" And I says "sorry wrong number". Now the operator argues, that the person, has indeed given the same number. I says to them,Okay, he might have given you the same number, but that's not me. Then she asks "Is it 9886381639?", I replies affirmative but I was getting irritated,I told her, there is no dinkar here and the phone number is wrong, and I hung up. Five minute later she calls up again and asks the same question. She still remains firm that the phone number is correct, and doesn't seem to be in any mood to stop the conversion. Then she asks me again "Okay this is
his full name. I want to talk to Mr Dinkar Piyush.?". Then It struck me that she has dropped my last name, and instead formatted my name according to the standard south Indian style.


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