Thursday, June 24, 2004

Life - sometimes driven by silly incidents.

I still remember vividly the first day soon after my graduation I joined this company. It was great feeling. I was really impressed at with the company's buildings, neatness and cleanliness, the exterior decoration, interior decoration, the work environment, cafeteria, waiting lounge etc. Then there are signs all over the entrance doors "Through these doors walk the most disciplined, intelligent and cultured software professionals in the world" and my name written in bold letters on a notice board meant for that days activities as a new joiner. And that was impressive, the sense of belonging it gave was awesome. And I really wondered how people work in such a plush and wonderful environments. Heck, all software and many electronics companies look like that, so nothing special.

After being brought up in middle class, plush office places were always used to be in my dreams. And looking at all my uncles who worked as engineers, I had always imagined a mediocre working environment. Working near heaters, boilers, and some heavy machinery at quite high temperatures. Even those PLC's and PLD's looked bigger. And I imagined myself working as an electronics engineer in some of these companies; running around places amongst different heavy machinery's to fix some electronic fault that had occurred.

The initial topic for the first few days among us was always about our companies. We used to describe in lengths 'How does our company looks like?' And in those days we even visited each other's companies just to see how they look like. There was no comparison intended on the company's looks.

Anyway, why am I writing all these?? It just occurred me, as I was looking into past few days, I had visited infosys and just yesterday, I have seen people from my floor shouting on the air-conditioner fellow as the temperature had increased by a degree; i.e. from usual 22 degree to 23 degree. The increase in temperature wasn't noticeable at all, but the fluctuation on the display was enough for everybody to feel the heat, some even complained of sweating. Even you don't feel hungry, and after looking at the watch you suddenly get hungry. Just looking at surrounding fellows doesn't mean that you will also be amongst them. Sometimes life is indeed driven by silly incidents, like by a watch especially in the afternoons, by a temperature indicator and many more such things.


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