Monday, June 21, 2004


The movie was worth a wait. This Friday I got a chance to see it. After the huge success of Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar shows again what movie making is. He provides a little scope for our own imagination. The movie progresses perfectly without diverging anywhere. The movie revolves close to reality, unlike gadar where sunny alone bashes a battalion of pakistani army. He doesn't go after lengthy dialogues. Instead of words, he lets acting do the job. And all the actors have really performed well.

The movie revolves around a confused and careless urban youth Karan (Hrithik) from delhi. It reflects the character, not very active, a laidback sort of guy, not able to decide about the future, his struggles at the IMA, and later how he transforms into a vital captain in the Indian army. It takes him 24 years and 18,000 feet to know about himself.

Hrithik has delivered another superb performance. His portrayal of the transformation of a careless college guy to the captain of Indian army is amazing. His emotions particularly when he reaches the LOC for the first time, and then says "now I feel proud to be an Indian", when he calls his dad from the war front and his anguish after first attack of the Indians fails were exceptional. Though at some places hrithik seems to be still in his mentally retarded Koi Mil Gaya role.

Preity zinta does not disappoint either with her role of Romila Dutta a journalist. This is one of the few movies where Amitabh bacchan takes a back seat. Boman irani as hrithik's dad also portrays his small role nicely.

The photography is exceptional. I have never seen India look so beautiful. Some of the war scenes and the last rock climbing scenes are ultimate.

If you haven't seen the movie, go and watch it. It's really worth watching.


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