Thursday, June 24, 2004

HE and the LIFT

He was ready to go, ready to leave office, ready to go out for shopping on the famous MG road. Since morning, he was waiting for this very moment. The door to his floor was locked. He slowly took out his access card, and showed it to the sensor right in his face. How could those dumb, small and silly sensors stop him?

He slowly opened the door and started walking towards lift. He was presently on the fifth floor. Before he could leave office he had a little unfinished work on the first floor, which by his calculations would not take more than two minutes. Lift seemed to him taking unnecessarily long time to reach fifth floor from the sixth floor.

He immediately jumped inside the lift, as it made its stop on the fifth floor, and pressed both the "first floor" and "door close" button simultaneously. For a moment he thought, he had made a world record of getting into the lift, closing the door, and pressing the destination floor button. He wondered at his amazing speed, and a pleasant smile decorated his face, as finally within next few minutes he would be there at MG road, but he was little disappointed as there was no one in the lift to observe his record.

The smile from his face disappeared when the lift made a halt on the fourth floor. And then reappeared after a brief period and after seeing who has just entered into the lift. A beautiful girl calmly walked into the lift, without caring for the time she took her own time for pressing the "door close" and "ground floor" button. The time had suddenly stopped for him now, everything was happening now in the slow motion. She seemed to have taken his notice and gave him a casual little smile back.

The lift finally made its stop on the first floor. It seemed to him that the lift was exceptionally fast through this part of journey. He didn't make any attempt towards the door of the lift. The lift stopped on the first floor for some time and started closing its door. At this very precise moment, the girl walks out of the lift and He's eyeball popped out of their socket. It was too late to get out of the lift. He stood there dumbly looking at the closing door, and the girl walking away.

He got out quickly on the ground floor, suddenly remembering his unfinished work on the first floor, and ran like hell through the stairs hoping to see her again. In the vast sea of cubicle's she had suddenly disappeared. Suddenly disappeared somewhere.


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