Monday, June 14, 2004

B2B (Back to Bangalore)

Coming back to bangalore, especially after wonderful and leisurely stay home, is always displeasing. The very idea of coming back to work after a considerably long leisure and stress-free time is depressing. Anyway today, I finally came back to bangalore and back to work.
The journeys (to my home and back) I undertook this time are really memorable. Normally going alone on a 22-hour journey is quite boring. While going to nagpur this time, I had a wonderful time. The passengers travelling along with were jolly, and we had a good time. My fellow passengers were just returning from their trip to singapore, and south india. They were telling tales of distant places, and somehow it is always nice to hear about places we haven't seen. We had a long discussions on all topics right from travelling to the politics and to the cooking. For the first time I slept in the train well after 11.30 p.m. The return journey was as miserable as it can get. First of all there was a problem with the A.C. It was working, but the ventilation was not proper. So it was kind of suffocating and consistant smell of food stuff and heena through out the journey made me feel nauseous.
And yes, before I close, thanks mom and dad for giving me that birthday present of digital camera Kodak-Dx6340.


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