Thursday, June 24, 2004

Life - sometimes driven by silly incidents.

I still remember vividly the first day soon after my graduation I joined this company. It was great feeling. I was really impressed at with the company's buildings, neatness and cleanliness, the exterior decoration, interior decoration, the work environment, cafeteria, waiting lounge etc. Then there are signs all over the entrance doors "Through these doors walk the most disciplined, intelligent and cultured software professionals in the world" and my name written in bold letters on a notice board meant for that days activities as a new joiner. And that was impressive, the sense of belonging it gave was awesome. And I really wondered how people work in such a plush and wonderful environments. Heck, all software and many electronics companies look like that, so nothing special.

After being brought up in middle class, plush office places were always used to be in my dreams. And looking at all my uncles who worked as engineers, I had always imagined a mediocre working environment. Working near heaters, boilers, and some heavy machinery at quite high temperatures. Even those PLC's and PLD's looked bigger. And I imagined myself working as an electronics engineer in some of these companies; running around places amongst different heavy machinery's to fix some electronic fault that had occurred.

The initial topic for the first few days among us was always about our companies. We used to describe in lengths 'How does our company looks like?' And in those days we even visited each other's companies just to see how they look like. There was no comparison intended on the company's looks.

Anyway, why am I writing all these?? It just occurred me, as I was looking into past few days, I had visited infosys and just yesterday, I have seen people from my floor shouting on the air-conditioner fellow as the temperature had increased by a degree; i.e. from usual 22 degree to 23 degree. The increase in temperature wasn't noticeable at all, but the fluctuation on the display was enough for everybody to feel the heat, some even complained of sweating. Even you don't feel hungry, and after looking at the watch you suddenly get hungry. Just looking at surrounding fellows doesn't mean that you will also be amongst them. Sometimes life is indeed driven by silly incidents, like by a watch especially in the afternoons, by a temperature indicator and many more such things.

HE and the LIFT

He was ready to go, ready to leave office, ready to go out for shopping on the famous MG road. Since morning, he was waiting for this very moment. The door to his floor was locked. He slowly took out his access card, and showed it to the sensor right in his face. How could those dumb, small and silly sensors stop him?

He slowly opened the door and started walking towards lift. He was presently on the fifth floor. Before he could leave office he had a little unfinished work on the first floor, which by his calculations would not take more than two minutes. Lift seemed to him taking unnecessarily long time to reach fifth floor from the sixth floor.

He immediately jumped inside the lift, as it made its stop on the fifth floor, and pressed both the "first floor" and "door close" button simultaneously. For a moment he thought, he had made a world record of getting into the lift, closing the door, and pressing the destination floor button. He wondered at his amazing speed, and a pleasant smile decorated his face, as finally within next few minutes he would be there at MG road, but he was little disappointed as there was no one in the lift to observe his record.

The smile from his face disappeared when the lift made a halt on the fourth floor. And then reappeared after a brief period and after seeing who has just entered into the lift. A beautiful girl calmly walked into the lift, without caring for the time she took her own time for pressing the "door close" and "ground floor" button. The time had suddenly stopped for him now, everything was happening now in the slow motion. She seemed to have taken his notice and gave him a casual little smile back.

The lift finally made its stop on the first floor. It seemed to him that the lift was exceptionally fast through this part of journey. He didn't make any attempt towards the door of the lift. The lift stopped on the first floor for some time and started closing its door. At this very precise moment, the girl walks out of the lift and He's eyeball popped out of their socket. It was too late to get out of the lift. He stood there dumbly looking at the closing door, and the girl walking away.

He got out quickly on the ground floor, suddenly remembering his unfinished work on the first floor, and ran like hell through the stairs hoping to see her again. In the vast sea of cubicle's she had suddenly disappeared. Suddenly disappeared somewhere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

These days I have an urge to keep writing and writing. But what a bad luck, I have ran out of topics. So in order to satisfy my urge, I have started documentation ( seriously??) of my code, and I am doing nothing and reading others blogs. In case your site counter increases, don't blame me.

Monday, June 21, 2004


The movie was worth a wait. This Friday I got a chance to see it. After the huge success of Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar shows again what movie making is. He provides a little scope for our own imagination. The movie progresses perfectly without diverging anywhere. The movie revolves close to reality, unlike gadar where sunny alone bashes a battalion of pakistani army. He doesn't go after lengthy dialogues. Instead of words, he lets acting do the job. And all the actors have really performed well.

The movie revolves around a confused and careless urban youth Karan (Hrithik) from delhi. It reflects the character, not very active, a laidback sort of guy, not able to decide about the future, his struggles at the IMA, and later how he transforms into a vital captain in the Indian army. It takes him 24 years and 18,000 feet to know about himself.

Hrithik has delivered another superb performance. His portrayal of the transformation of a careless college guy to the captain of Indian army is amazing. His emotions particularly when he reaches the LOC for the first time, and then says "now I feel proud to be an Indian", when he calls his dad from the war front and his anguish after first attack of the Indians fails were exceptional. Though at some places hrithik seems to be still in his mentally retarded Koi Mil Gaya role.

Preity zinta does not disappoint either with her role of Romila Dutta a journalist. This is one of the few movies where Amitabh bacchan takes a back seat. Boman irani as hrithik's dad also portrays his small role nicely.

The photography is exceptional. I have never seen India look so beautiful. Some of the war scenes and the last rock climbing scenes are ultimate.

If you haven't seen the movie, go and watch it. It's really worth watching.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

This is BAAD

Suddenly out of the blue, many sites which I browse quite frequently are blocked at the office. And the blogger is one of the site which is blocked all the times. :( :( :(
When I had initially applied for my credit card, I had filled the form correctly. And to best of my knowledge the communication between me and the bank was fine. Today, I got a call from the bank, and they asked me "Can I talk to Mr. Dinkar.?" And I says "sorry wrong number". Now the operator argues, that the person, has indeed given the same number. I says to them,Okay, he might have given you the same number, but that's not me. Then she asks "Is it 9886381639?", I replies affirmative but I was getting irritated,I told her, there is no dinkar here and the phone number is wrong, and I hung up. Five minute later she calls up again and asks the same question. She still remains firm that the phone number is correct, and doesn't seem to be in any mood to stop the conversion. Then she asks me again "Okay this is
his full name. I want to talk to Mr Dinkar Piyush.?". Then It struck me that she has dropped my last name, and instead formatted my name according to the standard south Indian style.

Monday, June 14, 2004

B2B (Back to Bangalore)

Coming back to bangalore, especially after wonderful and leisurely stay home, is always displeasing. The very idea of coming back to work after a considerably long leisure and stress-free time is depressing. Anyway today, I finally came back to bangalore and back to work.
The journeys (to my home and back) I undertook this time are really memorable. Normally going alone on a 22-hour journey is quite boring. While going to nagpur this time, I had a wonderful time. The passengers travelling along with were jolly, and we had a good time. My fellow passengers were just returning from their trip to singapore, and south india. They were telling tales of distant places, and somehow it is always nice to hear about places we haven't seen. We had a long discussions on all topics right from travelling to the politics and to the cooking. For the first time I slept in the train well after 11.30 p.m. The return journey was as miserable as it can get. First of all there was a problem with the A.C. It was working, but the ventilation was not proper. So it was kind of suffocating and consistant smell of food stuff and heena through out the journey made me feel nauseous.
And yes, before I close, thanks mom and dad for giving me that birthday present of digital camera Kodak-Dx6340.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004


No, it's not related to you or me. No, It does not have anything to do with you or me. It is title of the new movie released, I really wanted to watch. But now, it seems I wouldn't be able to watch it before it goes out of theatres. The average movie review is good, and I have heard that it has a good comedy, with saif ali khan being outstanding, who has recently climbed up on my popularity ratings.
"Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban" releases this weekend. Grrrrrr and it looks like I will miss that one to.


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