Monday, May 17, 2004

Trek to Shivganga.

This weekend I, along with members of gathee-bhetee a newly formed group of marathi people in bangalore, went for a trek at shivganga. Shivganga is located on National highway 4, at around 49 Kms from bangalore towards pune. From distance, the hill looks like a shiv-pind, hence the name shivganga. The height of the trek was around 1300 meters above sea level.
We started from bangalore after 7.30 a.m. and reached kamat hotel on N.H.4 at around 9.00 a.m., the time for breakfast. After little breakfast we geared ahead for the trek. The trek started with a visit to shivtemple located at the bottom of the hill. Climbing was fun. Uphill started with a smaller slope and gradualy becoming steeper and steeper. Around 60-70% of the trek height can be climbed easily, as the slope isn't too much. After that it becomes steep. The last 25-30% is almost vertical. Small steps carved on the rocks made climbing quite easier. On the way up we had few breaks, few drinks (lime juice and salted lassi only.), and lot of fun generated by pulling somebody's leg.
After we had climbed up, we settled for lunch. Especially after running through south indian food for almost two years, a maharashtrian food is always delicious. And those sandwiches were really mouthwatering. The afternoon was made memorable by singing of yogesh, and poems of bhakti, jokes of ashwini, shayari, babbar sher's and others.
It started raining at the time of climbing down. Rocks became slippery, making it difficult, and the lightning was shooting jets of current through the railings if we tried to grab it for support. Perhaps the most difficult part in the trek was my role of convincing grandma for a pocket money.
Being introvert, puts a limitation on me. Neither I can sing, nor I can remember jokes, shayari, nor I can compose a poem. Searching for a talent in myself seems to be difficult task usually on such ocassions. And even if I find one, then demonstrating is another problem. That's one reason, I rarely manage to keep myself engaged in a group for a long time, but this group really made me feel friendly on the first occasion itself. Nor I felt as unconfortable as I had been to the few previous groups I had been with. Usually in a group, I had seen many subgroups. And they seem to be preoccupied with there own friends, so you feel even more lonely.
Three cheers for that trek. And three cheers for marathi group gathee-bhetee for organising it.


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