Monday, May 31, 2004


After one week of hectic schedule at the office, what better than a refreshing trip. After the exhausting week, this saturday we (Ajoy, Asif, Milind, Sheetal, Sunil and Me) all agreed for a one day trip to refreshen ourselves. Immediately a hunt for tourist spot started and finally Ajoy and Sheetal spotted Hogenakkal.

Sunday 7.30 a.m. We started our journey towards Hogenakkal, which is around 200 km. from bangalore. The 4-lane pit less National Highway 7 with splendid scenery on both sides, coupled with good music system and comfort of toyota quallis, made the journey smooth and gratifying. The average cruising speed was above 80 kmph.

On the way we took a pit stop, and did a trekking on surrounding hill. It was relatively easy trek. Though it was not intended in the trip, but was a nice welcome break. After refuelling we set ahead towards our destination. We took a pit stop again in dharampuri for brunch.

We reached Hogenakkal around 11.30 a.m. Situated on the Karnataka-TamilNadu border, Hogenakkal is one of the beautiful places in the state. The broad stream of the River Cauvery gets forked at this point, forming an island from where one stream continues on while it plunges into a deep chasm to create one of the loveliest waterfall. The mist generated by the falling water gives a look of smoke, which gives these rocks the name Hogenakkal which means "smoking rock" in Kannada. One side of chasm is in karnataka while other is in the state of tamilnadu. Song "Dil Hai Chootasa.. Chootisi aasha.." from the film "Roja" was shot here.

We hired a boat for travelling around places. The boats were made up of bamboo sticks, light weight and were in perfect round shape. These boats can be taken easily around places. We crossed the flowing river and got onto small island. From island one can see the beautiful fall. We then climbed down the chasm. By then the boatman had also taken his boat down the chasm. Did boating in the chasm, moved along the flow, and landed again on the island. Ajoy, Asif and Milind had a round of massage. We then spent some time in the river, it is said that the bath in the river is good for health, as on it's course it moves through herbs and has a high content of beneficial mineral salts.

Har ...... dhoop .... jindagi... Didn't get it ?? Well that's what we also heard. That was supposed to be sheetal's singing. She really needed a Mic. On the way back, as usual, we had a round of antakshary and through out 4-hour drive both teams were bhendi-less. We took lots of snaps. Snaps does not always project the actual scenario, but they do bring back fond memories. We even filmed a short documentary, which currently is undergoing editing.

The snaps can be seen here and here.


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