Monday, May 10, 2004

He was born in poor family. His father used to scratch out a living, from hardscrabble farming. It was barely enough to feed all those mouths in the family. But his father were obstinate, that he becomes well-educated. He started his study in government schools. Though having shaky starts, he did well in his first year exams. Everybody from the surrounding came and congratulated him.
This instilled a passion to work hard, study hard, conversely earn more respect for family. Scholarships followed, and they took care of his educational expenses. He became engineer from a reputed college. He had a couple of jobs in his pocket. At this time he wasn't worried about the pay, those companies were offering. He considered the work they were offering. His first couple of years were fine. The money company was pouring on him was enough evidence about his work. His family was happy and proud of there son. He really was shining like a star.
The grid for money slowly crept in, and then kept on increasing. The only way to quench his thirst was to work harder and harder. He started coming late, and always he was in hurry. Many times, he seemed to be preoccupied with his work.
One day, as usual, he was coming late in night. Even on the way back to home, he was thinking about tomorrows meeting. The material, he was going to present tomorrow. He can visualize himself, standing in front of his colleagues, and a major customer giving an important presentation. If he would be able to convince them tomorrow, He would bag a contract worth millions of dollars. He was driving fast. He was thinking, why it was taking so much time to reach home. He had a big night ahead.
preoccupied with thoughts, he didn't see the indica standing on the roadside ahead, and rammed straight. The impact was enormous. He suffered severe brain injuries, and lies in coma, and may not come back to life again. All his dreams were shattered within minutes. His father thought, perhaps, he would not have allowed him to go too far. Perhaps, he would not have allowed to study ahead. Perhaps, he would not have allowed to work late in night, and perhaps...


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