Friday, April 2, 2004

This had happened few years back. That time I was travelling in mumbai by the local train. The train had stopped on some station, I don't excatly remember name, and as usual local train was over-crowded. Many people come daily in the search of work, or just to roam-around. The city has almost everything, right from the five-star hotels to the road-side motels, plush banglows to slum-dwellers. Nobody really cares what others are doing. As i was saying, the train was stopped on the station. The train was about to leave, when some people came running towards our coach. They were shouting something, which was un-clear, because of noise around. When they reached the door, of our compartment, they started pulling out men standing at the door. We were tensed. As i said, mumbai is un-predictable, we thought they were some gundaa's and were trying to loot passengers. Through window i could see those fellows dragging those poor passengers. They were shouting something, and they took them in the room. Then some of them again came back towards our coach, I was praying for the train to start moving and it did start moving before they reached our coach again. I read that board hanging above that room, and i was surprised, there was a twist-in-the-tale. The baord declared "Railway Police Station", and those people in fact were policemen in civil dress.
Now my view changed completely, but still i was surprised, and a bit scared. They were coming back again towards our coach indicated that there are some-more culprits still there in our coach. Anxiety grapsed us. The feeling that there are some culprits amogst us and they might do something, made us uneasy. But even this assumption was short-lived, as moments after, i came to know that the compartment i was sitting was in fact a ladies compartment and Immediately on the next station, even before the train had come to a standstill, we jumped out of the compartment from back side, and boarded another compartment.

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