Friday, April 23, 2004

Normally we speak marathi even in bangalore as all friends are maharashtrian. And except in the office and outside, there is no need to speak local language. My friend, who was giving directions to the taxi he had called, told the driver "wahanse KHUPP aage aao." The driver was stumped and might be thinking what does that mean? Then i went to a tamilian restaurant, and asked waiter "sambar Vaati me doo", waiter was confused.

There seems to be many maharashtrians in banglore now. Sometime it really feels good, but sometimes bad. We used to enjoy privacy, even in the public places, as no one used to understand marathi. Now, since, we find marathi people, we can not talk loudly at public places, which we would have otherwise. For example, while fixing our cable, we were trying to explain the cable-man about how he should fix it. But despite of our attempts, he seemed not to be getting anywhere near our expected pattern. Finally my friend, out of frustration, said out quite loudly " Hey south-indians muthh astat, bilkul bindok" and blah blah blah. Well the cablewala heard that and replied angrily "Kai mhanalas, punha bol", then my friend was running for some covering sayings.

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