Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I had been to mysore on three different ocassions, but never been with the guided tour operators. It was quite funny, the way they were describing history. At one place, they showed a big red coloured building, and explained that "in this building, food, lodging and washing are given free to every occupant", natuarally everybody wanted to have a look, and everybody were straining to get a glimpse of that monument. Then the guide explained "... thats the mysore central jail", and suddenly out of nowhere a big plank, calmly sitting on that building with bold letters MYSORE CENTRAL JAIL, came in the view. It was there from the beginning, but suddenly came to focus. Then there is a fort built by tipu sultan in srirangapattana. The guide explained, "After three fights with the britishers tipu sultan was defeated, not because they out-performed him, but because his defense minister betrayed him. Before dying, tipu sultan and his father were ruled by srirangapattana for 22 years."....and we were unable to control the laughter. Lastly when we entered vrindavan garden he said "this is vrindavan garden, which is famous for its fountains and musical fountains. As you can see, there are number of fountains in this garden, these fountains are supplied water from the dam, and it is very beautiful to look in the night because of number of bulbs illuminating it but in fact there is no water in dam, still it is beautiful". How can we see a beauty of a fountain, without water in it.??

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