Monday, February 23, 2004

Last saturday we went to the RAMGARH a place from the famous hit movie sholay. Actually the place is known as ramnagaram and it is on the bangalore-mysore highway. From the discription we had about the place, it looked like it will be a wonderful place. After reaching there it turned out that there is nothing to see except the place where sholay was shot. There was nothing to see.... But there was a lot for trekking and rock climbimg. The region is completely hilly and rocky. We just imagined how would the famous rock mountains would look like.
On top of the tallest hill, the first thing to catch our attention, was a huge elephant look alike rock. And we promptly shot it down with our olympus camera. I said we will go and conquer it, but others were opposed to my idea. Though i said we will go and conquer it, it was an impossible task to reach at the top without proper trekking equipments. We went ahead and kept climbing, and finally when we reached the place, afterwhich it was not possible to go ahead without trekking equipments, we found that we had reached the neck of that mammoth elephant look alike. The view from the top was magnificent. We could see a wide area. The first impression at the top revealed that it might had been a watch tower for some emperor. A gaze at the highway enabled us to see the tiny ant sized vehicles. Even the mighty train was looking smaller than a toy train, and it was difficult to spot human being, partly because the area was sparcely populated. It was fun, being there, watching the birds view. The snaps, which we took there, reveals the hight we had climbed. There was a small pond, about which the rickshaw driver had nagged enough not to go near the water. So we abandoned the plans to enter the water, as if we had very great plans. Looking at the water, the first impression was that anyone would die if he dared enough to drink a gulp of it. The trek took less than two hours, partly because of our fascinating climbing skills, and partly beacuse a search to find a suitable place to start climbing had revealed a small trail, which was easy to follow with insignificant effort, but it involved some amount to climbing

On our return journey, we plucked some raw mangoes, and ate them. They were delicious and inspired milind to quote.
" Unhone humein nahin apanaaya isliye hum pahadion me chale gayein.
Pathharon ko khohane jo gayen unhe bagiche bhi mil gayein!!."

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