Thursday, February 26, 2004

Nowadays i avoide going markets, not because i don't like it, but i don't feel any good while going to markets. Maybe just like other things, this patch will also end soon, like Nothing lasts forever. There are some people who tries to do anything, just to save there skin.
There are people who are so lazy that they don't even bother to do things and on the contrary ask others to do it.
There are people who are never bothered about things present in the house. They are only concerned about the things that are not there in the house, and they keep bugging others to go out and get them for them. If they are asked to go out and get the required things themselves, then "I am expecting a phone call now", "The market is very close, why don't you yourself go out and get it?? ", "I have to got to loo" or "I have a favourite program coming up now, and anyway you are going out" type of answers ready. They themselves will never go out and buy stuff.
Then there are some people, who don;t bug you about getting things. They don't have any special requests, and they are happy with whatever present. They don't even complain about things which are not there, nor they ask "why did you buy that?". They don't bother to check if any thing is required or not. These people when asked to go out and buy some things, will ask us "why don't you also come with me?", "I am ready to go out, but it is better if you also come with me", or "I won't go out alone it feels boring to go out for shopping alone".
Then there are some people, who keep track of things what are there and what are not there. And then don't ask others to go out get the things, but in fact they themselves go out and get it for everybody.

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