Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Arrival of new roommate relieved us from the burden of the house-rent levied by our owner. Though the new roomie is nice chap, intelligent, he is little scatty. You might consider following incident as imaginary, but believe me it is real.

My roomie walks into a handloom store to buy curtains for his room windows. The shop-keeper showed him wide varieties of cloths, and finally he short-listed one. It was and is really a fine cloth. My roomie ordered to stitch three curtains.

Bewildered by this question How long do you want the curtain to be? my roomie opens up and stretches his arms and replies itnaa (just like you stretch your arms and show it to your loved one, when replying to his/her question How much do you love me? and say Itnaa or this much).

Looking at this un-expected gesture, the shop-keeper was baffled; but still politely he asked itnaa mane kitna sir?(Itnaa means how many feets sir?).

I was laughing all the way.

Why people get angry?
Just an observation. When somebody tells you that you can not do this and even if you know that it is true, most of the time you end up loosing your temper. You loose your temper because somebody else is telling you what you can not do, because somebody else is pointing out that you do not have enough capacity, capability, because you are jealous internally, and because it hurts your ego.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Royal Butterscotch

If you happen to be in bangalore, Check out this new arrival "Royal butterscotch" at the corner house ice-creams. As the name suggests; its a butterscotch ice-cream; with a rich layer of cream, butterscotch souce and topped with the baked Almonds.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


We, the people.

I liked the movie. Not because, it's about Indian culture, values and scruples it has; but because Ashutosh Gowarikar has made it quite simple and without any prejudice. Neither he has blasted america, or its culture, nor he has praised us. He has tried to show that it is we who keep fighting amongst us all the time, keep blaming others for our problems and keep bragging about our culture and values without doing anything.

The story starts with Mohan Bhargava [SRK], a project manager in NASA. He comes to india in search of his nanny, and finally after looking at the poverty, illiteracy, lack of electricity, child labour, child marriage, caste-system, mental backwardness and all, tries to do something worthwhile for india.

The Movie would have got a very good effect, had they reduced its length. It has become more of an documentary rather than movie.

After a long time, perhaps Shahrukh Khan has shown that he can also act in a mature role with perfection. He is, perhaps after a long time, IS the actor he portrays in the movie. Gayatri Joshi is stunning in her simple yet graceful role. Overall I suggest that the movie is good, but don't expect Lagaan.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Nothing to do...

Its quite a long time some eventful incident happened. And after many days I guess, I had the weekend completely free, without any trace of work (neither official nor personal). I was completely on my will. I wanted to watch TV, I watched;I wanted to listen to music system, I listened; I wanted to read, I read; I wanted to sleep, I slept; I wanted to roam around, I roamed; and when I wanted to eat, I ate.

Its very different and amazing when you dont have anything to worry about, don't have to think about whats ahead and just accepting every moment as it comes. Initially on Friday, I thought after some time may be I will get bored of being inside the house and doing absolutely nothing for the complete weekend; but even for a single moment I wasnt. On the other hand, its so amazingly refreshing to detach your mind for sometime from all your other activities. So calm, so pleasant, so quiet, so creative, so gratifying and enjoyable. Maybe I should look for solitude at least for sometime in a week.

Dhaka Dhamaka

The win was expected, but shattering of so many records in a single match wasn't.

Another win to ganguly's cap, Sachin's 34th century (248*) and highest ever score in an away test match, Anil's 438 wickets (highest ever by an Indian), Zaheers 75 for best ever score by an 11th Batsman, Irfan's 10 wicket haul at the youngest ever age, and India's highest winning margin.

Looking at the bowling attack, I still think Sachin should have gone for triple century.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Helmet honesty..!

The kind of honesty when it comes to helmets on bikes really amuses me. An acquaintance once told me that he has the habit of leaving his helmet on his bike unlocked and it has been safe always. And he told me that in past year he has not had his helmet stolen even once.

That piqued my interest and I decided to try it out myself. No matter where I park my bike, movie theatres, office, temples, shops... I conciously make it a point to place it on the bike's handle-bar. Mind you, my helmet is relatively new (Just a year or so old). I've been doing this for over a month now and should agree with my friend. It's been totally safe. Now, touchwood.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Ricks in B'lore

The Funny Tale ...

Daily, I can see few auto-rickshaw's standing in front of my house. It has sort of become a rickshaw stand in the morning. One day I was sanding in the balcony of my first floor apartment, and happen to overhear following conversation. The so-called rickshaw stand is just below my balcony.

A person walked by the rick, and asked the driver to take him to Bannerghatta road, a place at about 2-kms from my place. The rickshaw driver flatly refused. The expressions on the face of rickshaw driver gave a look that someone has kept fire in his hands, or somebody has thrown filthy garbage. The person has to finally walk towards nearest bus-stand as no auto-rickshaw driver was ready. Reason, the place is too close to drive.

A few moments later, another passenger walks to the rickshaw stand and asks to take him to Koramangala, a place some 5-7 kms away from my place. The rickshaw drivers sternly refuses this time also; Stating reason at this time there won't be any return customer and adding that the place is not very far. Once again similar expressions appears on his (rickshaw driver) face.

Some time passes, another passenger walks to the stand, and asks to take him to Fraser Town, at 15 kms it is far. The rickshaw drivers looked at him, from his legs to his head, shook their heads and flatly said "NO". The reason this time, place is far. Poor guy had to walk towards another rickshaw stand.

I was stunned; my sympathies towards fellow passengers, but these rickshaw drivers were not even ready to go anywhere. I was rather worrying whether those rickshaw drivers would earn any money; Instead those rickshaw drivers were simply reading newspapers, chatting and couple of them even playing cards.

More on my experiences with b'lore rickshaws later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

What's in Name ??

Today when I went for lunch, I glanced over the menu. "Chaspy" was listed at the fourth place in north-indian food. For sometime, until which I had not decided whether to have south-indian or north-indian food, I was wondering what actually "chaspy" is. When I was browsing through food, I realised it was actually "American chop-suey".

Well I should actually have guessed it, knowing the english spellings of my caterer, "Dhall", "stemed-rice", "pannir", "birayani", "kolla puri", "soop", "jaya puri", "shai paalaav", "badu-shai" etc.

Anyway whats in the name...Many times even my name comes under attack and with following most common mispronunciations: piyus, peeyus, piyu, pivs, fiyus, fivss.

Pitch Talk .

The Border-Gavaskar Series with australia is now over. Much has been said about the *great* Indian batting lineup and even more has been said about the pitches (Mumbai as well as Nagpur). I would say that these were the same pitches where both the teams played. It wasn't like one team played on one pitch and another on other. Nobody in India complained when similar pitches were prepared by New-Zealand when we toured new-zealand just before the world-cup.

But still australians are all complaining that the pitch wasn't any good. Had they won the last test match, they probably would not even had talked about it but rather about how well they had prepared, how they had planned things for so many years, and how everybody contributed etc. To add to their misery, they lost a match which was easily in their pocket. The much talked about best team in the world wasn't even able to score just 107 runs required to win the match and lasted only for over 30 overs. I agree with the points made by gaurav here. He has really got a good analysis of what went wrong and for whom.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

The Village

Saw "The village" today. Felt like I am really in the village for over 2 hours. The sets are huge and good. They give you the feeling of the village life and the older era. But as far as the movie goes, it is too slow; much like the life in real village. During the fist half nothing significant happens. If you plan to go to theatre to watch the movie, don't be in hurry, even if you miss the starting, nothing will happen.

I guess "The Sixth Sense" was the best movie by the director(Manoj Shyamalan). It kept you guessing till the very end. But as far as "The Village" goes, after some point of time you can start predicting what happens next. The thrill of watching a scary movie is lost.

Going Home

Probably the first time, after I had come to bangalore, I am going home for more than the usual 7-days. This time for a complete 14 days. leaving on 10th and back on to 24th November 2004.
All those guys reading this, wish you a Happy Diwali.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Lets catch Verrappan.

Lets Catch Verrappan ??
Ram Gopal Verma is making new movie titled "Lets Catch Verrappan". The movie got publicity recently after verrappan was shot dead. He says that he had started working on the movie much before verrappan was shot dead, but now it seams that the title is to be renamed as "Lets Kill Verrappan".
Quesion: How can you catch or kill verrappan if he's dead already ??
(Just joking :) )

Cockroaches ??

Not Anymore . . .

I normally do not care about cockroaches. I see them occasionally, and they look so un-harmful and they keep minding there own business. They are common sight of every household, I believe, under sink, near drainage, or dark unused corner of the house. And keeping all the food-stuff closed, it anyway doesn't affect.

When gaurav gave up sleeping on floor, I laughed the incident off. Yesterday when I saw a cockroach merrily playing (sitting or sleeping??) on my bed, I lost all my sympathy towards them (poor creatures). I chased him and he ran towards his house. I launched shoe-sandal-acid-begon spray-fire-and-whatever-possible attack on him and his house. Looking at him, his other colleagues came out of hiding in revenge. I wasn't prepared to see so many of them coming out one by one from the small sink pipe. It was like the movie "Joe's Apartment" but the only difference was I out-numbered or rather out-strength them. I Wonder where they had been all this time.

BTW this had triggered the long pending cleaning activity of my room; it looks stunning now. And with no fear of sigting another cockroach (untill someone migrates from neighbouring house), I can get a good night's sleep.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I am Young!!

Today, while I was coming back home from Jayanagar, a traffic police stopped me. It was a routine RTO check. He asked me my Driving License and added, I am sure you do not have any driving license to drive this vehicle. You are far too young to drive Pulsar-180 or rather any geared-bike. I politely stopped, took out my wallet, then license and showed him. You should have seen his face, he wasn't just believing it. Then without asking for anything, he let me go. Maybe he was mistaken by my clean-shaved face. Now this has happened thrice in the past one year. Ain't I look so young..??

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Day was just Packed!!

After a tiring hard day, it feels amazing to relax. I was testing my code yesterday and found something wrong. Afternoon, and post-tea session was spent in carrying out the extensive debug operation. We ( Finally I, when I alone could not find it, involved other teammates also :) ) searched entire code, scratched heads, used all possible logic, looked up all possible branches, tried all possible alternatives. But the outcome was simply "void". Just like a void pointer, all efforts finally pointed nowhere. We took a break, had some coffee, snacks, and when we come back it was a different story. All this time we were looking at the code and trying to search error, we knew something's wrong, we even knew what's going wrong, but we just could not place it. When I came back, and looked at the code, the error was obvious. It was right there in front of everybody, we just ignored it all the time. It was as sipmle as making a spelling mistake. Just like adding a semi-colon at the end of while() or for().

But It teached me few things, or rather reminded me of murphy's laws:-
Whenever something goes wrong, it will never go wrong at the most obvious error-prone places. Whenever you drop something, it will always roll up to the most un-accessible place Or in other words Whenever you start searching something, initially it will always be in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hogenekkal - Again

I had been to hogenekkal again on this sunday.
Remember the guide's words, here on this spot film roja's song "dil hai chhotasa" was shot, here this film's song was shot and so on. The list changes with the venue. This time there had been another addition to guide's list "Five KM's from here towards south, Verappan was shot by STF".
As expected the place is real nice. And now the verappan threat is also over, we enjoyed a lot. It really looks good just after the end of rainy season.

Some of the snaps can be found here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

If you happen to travel behind a truck, you can't keep yourself off from reading whatever has been written on the back of truck. Normally you find "O.K. Sound Horn O.K.", "Buri Nazar wale tera muhh kaala", "Tata...Bye Bye..Phir Milenge", "Maa ka ashirwad" etc. When I was small I used to wonder, why these guys write these statements at all. The probability of seeing the same truck again on a highway is a very small number probably they are very optimistic, or who has a time to stop driving and to crib about.

Today I saw new addition to these statements."Please Don, pollute air!!". At the first I thought finally I saw a truck which has some sensible statement written on its back urging people to stop or reduce pollution, then I was cursing the truck driver for driving a truck emitting a thick blanket of smoke. I re-read the statement when the truck had stopped at the signal "Please Don, Pollute Air", I understood, he's actually urging Don to pollute air.

A small spelling mistake can do so much difference in the statements meaning.

Wireless, A Problem.

Yesterday, we were discussing about the wireless control networks. You have a controller and an end-device, which is what actually you are trying to control. Now we discussed and debated about everything (how system would work and all) for hours, then at the end a question came up. Okay we have a wireless control network. It may happen that there are two adjuscent rooms, each room has a controller and it is to control fans and lights in respective rooms. How will you be sure whether your controller is controlling lights of fans in room A or room B. How will you know which controller is actually controlling whom?.

Finally we got an answer which is absolutely fool-proof, With the controllers and devices, we will ship tons of lead or two truckload of granite, so that signals from one room cannot enter another room.

If you have any fool-proof solution to above problem, you can spend some time to suggest me.

NASA Mission on Bannerghatta Road

My friend forwarded this too me. Thought this fits nicely with the bangalore. Sadly the state of roads in bangalore as described below happento be true.

Well, it was that time of the night when loneliness is your only companion, and shadows the only followers. It was around 2.00 AM in the morning.

I was bouncing away merrily on Bannerghatta road, when some bright lights stopped me. It took me a few minutes to realise that it was not a movie shooting. It took me a few more minutes to convince myself that this was not an alien landing either.

Though there was a modicum of clarity, there was a shade of doubt too. I proceeded to gamely question a well-clad man of foreign origin. "Shhh" he cautioned me.

Softly I asked him " What's happening brother". "NASA..."he whispered, "I am Dr. Morgan from The Lunar Exploration programme". Like all of us, I was sure I was drunk, or he was!

On watching a few men in spacesuits bumping around I realised he was speaking the truth. On further enquiry, he told me, that NASA had tried to create surroundings that would resemble the rocky, crater filled Moon's surface and had failed miserably. This led to a desperate search for test sites on planet earth.

Very few in earth qualified, only Iraq (An exploded Oil Well), Sri Lanka, and our own Bannerghatta road.

Of course, we were the lowest cost proposition, with Iraq ruled out as a high-risk venture, Sri Lanka because of the prevailing ceasefire, it was expected to have decent roads soon. What matched their needs best was the irreproducible surface that Bannerghatta road offered.

The Mars rover and Endeavour were bouncing away too, on the rugged surface.

They promised "Millions of dollars for using this road, once this gets approved as a broken earth site it will be used regularly. How all of us mortals, cribbed, raved and ranted every time we came across a broken road. How blind we have all been, eyes shut, we refused to view the big picture. Every bad road is a million dollar opportunity. I bade quiet farewells to Dr. Morgan and quietly rode away.

As I reached the BTM flyover and my tyre went flat, I pushed my bike smiling softly.... a million dollars in every bad road I told myself...what do you think?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Search Desktop ...

This is good, particularly if you are lazy to search an "e-mail conversation". You have saved a file on your hard disk, but forgot where exactly and now you desperately want to search it. The conventional windows program is too slow for it. Google's "Desktop Search" searches almost everything on your computer. It's Good Utility; bringing down the most famous and top ranked internet search engine to search your own computer.

If the link is not working, copy and paste the following in your browser and hit go: http://desktop.google.com

Friday, October 15, 2004


मराठीतुन लिहायची ही मझी पहिलीच वॆळ. तसं आधी काधी विचार कॆला नव्ह्ता आणि शाळॆ नंतर कधी मरठीतुनं लिहीण्याचा प्रसंगच आला नाही. त्यामुळॆ grammar कडॆ लक्षं दॆऊ नका. तॆ काय आहॆ की आज एक्दम मराठीतुन लिहायची ईछा झाली म्हणुन. बऱ्याच दिवसांनी जॆव्हा आपण आपल्या ऒळखीच्या लॊकांना भॆटतॊ तॆव्हाचा आनंद काही औरच आसतॊ. काल बऱ्याच दिवसांनी माझा शाळॆतला मित्र भॆटला तर शाळॆच्या आठ्वणी परत एक्दम दाटून आल्या. बराच वॆळ आम्ही शाळॆतल्या दिवसांच्या आठ्वणींमधॆ, भूतकाळमधॆ परत गॆलॊ हॊतॊ. जर तॆ दिवस परत आलॆ असतॆ तर मी बरच काही कॆल असतं. तॆ शाळॆचॆ दिवस, तॆ सरांच शिकवणं, आणि मला नसमजणं, आईच रागवण, बाबांच सकाळी लवकर शाळॆत जाण्यासठी उठ्वणं, रोजप्रमाणॆ उशीरा उठणं आणि बाबांकडुन मार खाणं, शाळॆत अभ्यासां पॆक्क्षा खॆळ आणि मस्ती जास्ती, ईंन्टर क्लास गॅंगवार, सरांच क्लासमधून बाहॆर कढणं आणि काय नाही संध्याकाळी घरी आल्या बरॊबर दप्तर टाकून खॆळ्यला पळणं. आत्ता तॆ सगळं कितीही बालिश वाटल तरीही परत परत तॆ दिवस यावॆ अस वाटतं. कुठॆतरी अजुनही आपल्यात तॊ लहानपणा आहॆ. तरिच फॊनवरचॆ, कम्पुटरवरचॆ खॆळ, जॊक्स, कार्टुन अजुनही मनॊरंजन करतात.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Sadashivpeth Te Chamrajpet"

I still remember the way it started. One fine day, I got a mail from Harsh asking about whether anybody wants to participate in the drama. At that time, initially I had almost deleted the mail, thinking it as another junk mail. Later while cleaning up my mail box, I stumbled across it again and I sent a mail to harsh asking about details. Just like a that it started.

Later we finalized the script, started practising, and I got the responsibility to handle the music. I gathered all the required music pieces, arranged them and got the final required music pieces in required order. Since we all were mostly first timers, we did mistakes, and we learnt a lot from them. There were moments, when we thought of pulling out, there were moments when I had a low moral but collectively we held on.

The natak is based on Marathi people coming to bangalore for jobs in software industries. About the funny situations which occur with them. The attitude of rickshaw drivers, the near fatal roads in bangalore (you need to find tar from potholes), the driving of rickshaw drivers, the concept of house agent or broker, the attitudes of house owners, surroundings in the company and finally how they settle in bangalore inspite of criticizing almost about everything initially.

Yesterday, we got the results of the contest, We in all got three awards, "Nirmiti Karandak" for best experimental play, "Critics Award" for actor
(chandrajeet), and "2nd Best Nepathya" (me). I still remember the way it started and looking at it's end, it was a pleasant journey.

Now looking back, looks like doing everything in just 15 days wasn't possible. We did many mistakes, we learnt a lot, and hope in the future we will improve upon our performance by fair enough margin. "Yuva" group helped us a lot with the music, light arrangements and with many other minor things. Bangalore marathi junta, expect something from us in the next couple of months.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Corner House Ice-Creams.

If you happen to visit corner house for quick refreshment (a cup of
ice-cream), try out the new arrival "Impeached". It's great. It is basically
a combination of vanilla ice cream, peach, mango pulp and strawberry

ICC Champions Trophy

What a match it was !! The ICC Final between the much lower rated West Indies and England was spectacular. England batted well scored enough runs that can be defended by their bowlers. In reply, West Indies got the dissastorous, rather a forgettable start. Needing 218 runs to win, they were reduced to 147 at the loss of 8 wickets by the english bowlers. Another wicket and that's the end of west-indies. Bradshaw and Browney then out-batted the English bowlers to create a legend for West-Indies. It was a stunning and spectacular display of their determination and their ability to bat. Tough it is difficult to expect a bowler to bat well, but these two bowlers batted better than other batsmen in their side. They looked calm and confident and were hitting the bowl very well, some of their shots were spectacular. Bradshaw was correctly adjusted man of the match though he scored only 30-34 odd runs.
Looking back at the ICC champions trophy, Perhaps, this could mark the rise of west-indies cricket. But that's too early to predict, as they still are the unpredictable team as pakistan. England looks like they are getting their form back and currently playing good. They need to improve their batting a bit more. South Africa did well, but Lara and Sarwan saw that they are out of the tournament. It looks like australia's bowling attack is getting weaker now. They looked completely ineffective against england. And speaking about India, they need to improve everything. Bowling looks good, but nobody's batting now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Since past week, I am terribly busy and I think so it will continue for another week or so. Many things happened during past week and I didn't had any time to write these off. Let me summarize few of the things that I feel are worth mentioning.

First of all, at the start of past week, we had an general quiz in the office. My colleagues came and asked me to participate along with them. So I ended up participating in the quiz along with 83 other teams. The quiz was based on general and current affairs. At the time when results were declared, I had gone out hoping that our team wouldn't be there in the final considering how we had fared. Later I came to know that we had a dream start and landed right in the finals. Till now I was never bothered about results, but suddenly I became very much conscious. I don't think there is any need to write about the results (we lost almost by double margin). Anyway what has started up as fun and timepass activity ended up in a good note. Now few days after, I got a mail from the quizzing organizing community, that I help them in organizing a good question bank for the quizzing fraternity. I almost laughed and felt like telling them "Hey I don't even know capital of all the states in India, Forget about remembering dates I don't even remember names after a week and you expect me to help writing a question bank". But I am now currently in the middle of this and I can't argue with them also as I ended up as finalist and now I am looking for a way out. Anybody with a suggestion, feel free to write a comment.

Since past couple of weeks, I am regularly attending practice for a marathi play titled "Sadashivpeth te Chamrajpeth". The Natak is set to make it's appearance before public on 19th (this month) during the ganesh festival. You all are invited. I will write later about venue and timings as believe it or not I am as ignorant as you about them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Baker's Jest

Yesterday, I had been to bakery and I remembered the following incident happened with my colleague.
[ He wanted to buy some things. ]
Colleague: Wohh (pointing to) Veg patties garam hai kya ?
Baker: English illa Saar (For those who don't know Kannada, I don't understand english).
Colleague: Are these veg patties hot?
Baker: Haan Saab.

He doesn't stop here; theres further more.
My colleague wanted to buy egg-less pastries. There was an egg-less cake kept on the display which was cut into 10 equal pieces.
Colleague: Complete Cake ki kya price hai?
Baker: Rs 230 Plus Rs 30 extra, as it is egg-less. Total 260 Rupees Saar.
Colleague: Aur Ek piece ki kya price hai.
Baker: Rs 23 Saar.
Colleague: Thik Hai, Mujhe 10 piece pack karke do.
Baker: OK Saar, 230 rupees ho gaye aapke.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

A trip to Pondicherry.

I alongwith ajit, jaydeep, vishal and rohit had been to pondicherry this weekend. It was a wonderful trip, but I rather add little hectic. We reached chennai on saturday morning, and then took a state transport bus to pondicherry. The chennai state transport bus was pathetic (I better need not explain it here). The climate was very hot and humid. Since not being used to such weather conditions, It was vexing.
The road to pondicherry from Chennai is very good. Especially the East-Coast Road (ECR). The East Coast Road runs parallelly along the eastern coast of india with sea and beaches continuously on one side of the road generating a magnificent sight.
Most of the tourism in pondicherry is because of sri-arbindo ashram. That's the first thing people visit when they arrive. Auroville is an international city, as they like call it, is basically developed by Sri Arbindo with the concept that it does not belong to any nation. Any individual from any country of any race and religion is free to come at this place and will be able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of auroville is to realise human unity. Read more information here.
The beach at pondicherry reminded me of marine drive of mumbai. The road runs parallelly with the bay of bengal on one side and magnificent buildings on other side. In the evenings the road is closed for traffic so that people can roam around freely. There was a band on the roadside playing music. The city architecture is mostly influenced by the french culture. You will find roads with name "Rue di nehru", "Rue de Mahatma Gandhi" etc.
In the end we had very less time, but there is nothing much to see except auroville and beach.
The snaps of pondicherry trip can be seen here.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Have you ever seen people using umbrellas in state-transport buses?
The condition of Tamil Nadu State transport buses is pathetic. The seat cushions are not in good shape and seats are misaligned. You can not even close their windows, if it rains. The conductor literally used hammer to close windows. The roof is not waterproof; It leaks at several places, and not surprisingly I have seen a person using umbrella in the bus. Even the buses of MP or UP or Rajasthan are better than these.


If you happen to be hungry on any eve in koramangala, bangalore, then try out "Gramin". A small restaurant, right in raheja arcade, serves delicious dishes from the rural areas of north India with the traditional taste.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Other Door.

There are only two possible ways to enter into my office building. Either enter through the main entrance gate or from the parking lot(back-door). The main entrance gate is a huge one and has two glass door panes. The board above the entrance proudly says "Through these doors walk the most competent and disciplined professionals in the world". Couple of days back, one of the door panes (of the main entrance gate) had got some problem, so they have put up a notice board "Please use the other door". Their actual intention was to tell people to use the other working door pane. Now, as a whole, if you look at the entrance it reads "Through these doors walk the most competent and disciplined professionals in the world. Please use the other door".

Monday, August 23, 2004

Marketing gimmicks

Shoppers have amazing way of publicizing there products. And most of the people always fell for there tricks.
For example, they set the price tags for products as Rs 299 only, Rs 399 only, Rs 499 only and so on. There reasoning is, 499 sounds much lesser value than 500; it gives them psychological advantage that a certain thing can be brought just under 300 or 400 rupees. People say "Ohh this is priced at 500. I cannot buy this". But when same thing is priced at 499 which is just 1 less than 500, peoples reaction is "okay let me think about it!":.
Another way is advertise in a bold print "End of season sale. 50% discount", and in very fine print just above the 50% write "upto". Or buy one and get one free or get a 20% discount on the second one and so on. The reason I am writing this is, yesterday, in spite of knowing all these tricks, I ended up buying three things instead of one.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rathore shoots on the way to Silver.

After finishing twice at the fourth place in the ongoing athens olympics, India moves ahead into the medal tally. This time, Rajvardhan singh rathore wins the silver medal in double trap shooting event.
Overall yesterday was a good day for India at olympics. They won a silver medal, won mens doubles tennis match, and also won the mens hockey match against south-africa.
Speaking of the hockey match, I would rather say that they won it dramatically. They were trailing by 2-0 and south africa were playing superbly till the last 5 minutes and during those minutes India hit 2 goals to seal the victory. They hit 3 out of 5 penalty corners in the net and a last minute field goal to win the match 4-2. A scrore line of 4-2 gives impression that we played better, but in fact if we look at complete match south-africa had dominated it most of the time.
This time it looks like we may be able to win another medal or two at olympics.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Reasoning, Is it?

When I say, "Of late, this man (Sachin Tendulkar) is not playing well or he is not a match-winner"; and I promptly get replies of nature, "he is a terrible player", "the people in the world are fool, as they consider him a genius", "Others are pathetic, he is still playing well", "He averages well above all others in the team" or "Get your statistics right".

Take another case: as I say; "Of late formula-one is not much interesting. As you know who's (Michael Schumacher) going to win; even before race starts" and I promptly get replies on face "Schumacher should start driving badly to make it more interesting", "Schumacher should quit racing", "Ferrari should stop improving their cars", "The rules should be changed to suit other teams in F1" etc.

I guess, I am just making a general statement. Both these statements don't have anything that suggests I am criticizing. It doesn't mean that Sachin is not a genius. I just felt it, as of past few months or so, he hasn't played an innings that you can cherish or remember. In other example, it doesn't mean others should stop racing. It doesn't mean Schumacher should drive badly. It doesn't mean Ferrari should stop improving their car. It doesn't mean Schumacher should quit racing. According to me, it simply means there is virtually no competition, no competition at all. Hence it has become boring to watch.

People sometimes have so prejudiced views that they never are willing to look from another angle. Never willing to acknowledge that this man is not playing well of recently. Is it a correct logical reasoning or I am in general "Wrong"?. When I get these type replies, it usually ends up in lots of verbal-exchange, and I can't help it. Because I think I am correct and I am not willing to take-a-back-seat either.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The World Of Dreams

I get up slowly; I am slowly getting to the terms of reality. I rub my eyes to make sure where I really am. Everything comes in perfect focus, and I realize the silliness I had made. I laugh at myself when I look at or think of

There I see her again and happiness comes back flooding.

I go towards her and say Hi!!

She replies "Hello". She's in happy and cheerful mood. Her face is beaming with joy.

I really want to tell her something, like how I feel about her.

In order to get going, I gather some courage and ask how's your work? That's the usual question, even I know all about her work, how it's going; but nothing could I do. I want this communication to continue, to go on an on as long as possible.

It's going on, as it should be.

And how is that?

Does that matter? You wanted to say something isn't it?

I take it; it's going on smoothly. I am trying to stretch the conversation as far as possible.

She replies teasingly "Yes! And what had you expected, a trouble, a disaster. And then you can offer me help to clean up the mess?"

I almost feel like I am a fool and I look here and there.

She's still there, smiling, in the pleasant mood, cheerful mood, with a questioning face as to what I really want to tell her or ask her.

We chat for sometime, cover wide variety of topics, almost all what we can think of. Right from the state of roads to the politics, from art to films, from present to past, from places to traveling, from money to Business. I look at my watch; it's almost two hours now. No I am not in hurry, or I want to go away from her. But the main thing that I wanted to tell her is still untold.

Then suddenly she asks me, you wanted to tell me something special, well what is it?

I find myself completely at the loss of words. I suddenly get hundred's of questions, How do I start this? How do I tell her? What happens if she gets angry? What will she think?

Some time passes in utter silence. I can hear the sound of falling pin somewhere. I hate this silence of uncertainty. An uneasy feeling creeps in. I am almost glued to the place I am standing. Somebody has stitched my mouth, or cut my tongue. I can talk about hundred's of things but just could not talk about it. I look at her; she's still waiting for me to say something.

She tells me finally, she has to go now, and it's late for her art class.   I am still standing at the same place, as if I am frozen and looking at her image, which is moving far with every passing moment towards the setting sun.

When she's no longer visible, I start to walk towards my bike. I start my bike. I am still thinking, about the meeting. I still think perhaps I would have told her how much I love her and then waited for her reaction. I think that she knows this, but she's waiting for me to tell her. I don't know when I fell.

I get up slowly; ... I rub my eyes... everything comes in perfect focus. I realize the hard fact that I have in fact not fallen from my bike. I smile, and then I go back again; again to the world where everything's possible, who knows she might be back again to hear what I really wanted to say, to the world filled with sweet dreams.

Monday, August 2, 2004

What a Match.

I thought india did bowl and field well, to restrict sri-lanka to a total of 228. Then when it was chance for indians to bat and score we required 229 runs to win the match, my dear, it was an hopeless chase. India going in with seven recognised batsmen (five of them termed as better batsmen in the world) never ever looked as if they will win the match. It looked as if 228 is a huge total. The biggest let-down to me was sachin himself. He wasn't prepared to take any risk at all. Playing as if he is playing a test-match. He looked more like an ordinary batsmen, though he scored 74 odd runs, but he should have been trying to hit the bowlers all over the park. He knew others were struggling, so he should have started playing shots freely, and he has ability to hit any bowler in the world. And still dilshan gives him "khunnas" and calmly takes his wicket also!!.

And yes, as far as scoring is concerned, tendulkar even now score's runs at a better strike-rate. It was the demoralizing effect that he used to bring with him, when he used to come earlier on the batting crease, that works most of the time. Take an example of sharjah for that matter, even bowlers of the caliber of shane warne used to fear him. And it is obvious, for how long a bowler will maintain his line and control under pressure. Tendulkar (the one earlier) and sehwag now are more dangerous than sachin as he is now. Look at australians, Do you think hayden, gilchrist or ponting would have played defensively as sachin is playing now? No for the matter of fact, they would have gone for a kill within 40 overs. India on the other hand managed to score barely 100 runs in 30 overs.

If your partner is not hitting bowl all over, you have got to take chances. That means you are at succeptible to lose your wicket as well. It is sachin who can play shots with huge amount of success rather than other batsmen. Agreed, all other batsmen failed, but the target wasn't any huge. And if tendulkar had been hitting the bowlers right from the beginning, maybe we may not have had lost those many wickets, and perhaps we could have won the game. Most of the wickets fell, because there weren't any runs on the board, and tendulkar wasn't taking any risk, and then they had no choice but to swing there bats to score runs quickly.

Overall if we look at the match it was a pathetic performance by indians. I am glad that they didn't give man of the series award to sachin inspite of scoring highest runs and taking second highest number of wickets in the tournament. He was bowling better in the series than batting. Attapattu really did a good captaincy. He rightly deserved man of the match award, more for his captaincy than his batting.

I wish, i could tell him he needs to relook at his batting style, what we crave for[from him] is not a innings builder [singles/doubles man] like Bevan or Dravid etc., but a destroyer and annihilator of bowling attacks, a demoralizer, a wizard with the bat, a man who pulls the game from the scruff of the neck!.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day to you all.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Musical Horns.

Earlier car horns used to come in wide variety, for normal driving with low volume, a harsh one for highway, another for reverse gear etc. Now it seems there is a rage amongst bikers to take over cars in that department too.

Yesterday, I was on my way to office. I was struck in a traffic block. Not a surprising thing. As usual roads in Bangalore are pathetic and slightest rain will cause a traffic block because of (superb?) drainage system (which in fact overflows sometimes because of rains). And I never expected them any better either, I have in fact given up the idea long before, that roads will be better one day. No wonder wipro and infosys have decided to move to another city for expansions. I hear honking and I think this guy must be in hurry and poor guy stuck here for long time. Traffic moves couple of meters and I hear honking again. I ignore it couple of times, but it continues. I almost shout on the driver, and he says that he has installed a musical brake horn, instead of brake light (for more warning to fellow drivers). At the end of half hour in the traffic, I was so irritated by this driver that I deliberately stood there in front of him under the pretext that my bike had switched off, took time to turn it on again. What can the poor guy do? Apply brakes or sound a genuine horn? By that time others were also irritated, and they all came down heavily on him. Gave me such a relief.
Another thing that irritated me is this. Everybody cannot buy Harley-Davidson or for that matter its Indian version 'Bullet' or Royal Enfield. What they do is by a cheaper bike Bajaj boxer or something like that; break their silencer pipes to get closure to the traditional beat of bullet. Some even replace their back tyres with thicker ones in addition to breaking silencer pipes to make a point that they are driving real race bikes. All these poor bikes can do is make more sound than the speed with which they can travel. I don't know what kind of pleasure they derive.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

It gives you immense joy, delight, and gratification when things happen when you least expect them. Looking back at the last few months, and the way I did some of the things and the brief dismal period of transition, I never expected these outcomes. And suddenly today, I realized that we have achieved so much and done so many things.

A thriller.

What a match it was. India certainly snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. Sri Lanka was placed solidly on the winning track, till last five overs were remaining, there was no way India looked as if they would win the match. Then Jayasurya lost his wicket, and India came back strongly to win the match. Never before I have seen Indian bowlers bowl last overs tightly. And worst they would not be that effective in removing the tail-ender batsmen of the opposing team. Hope they (India) win the next match and the Asia cup convincingly.


These days I have seen joys and sorrows so closely. I had never understood, why people go mad about football matches, why people react so strongly, when their team looses a match. During the recent India-Sri Lanka match, I have seen my friends scratching their heads. The Joy with which there face brightened, whenever a Sri Lankan wicket fell, and the pale face, when Sri Lanka looked as if they would win the match easily. They were really tensed, as zaheer bowled that last ball of the match. May be because deep inside we had an ambition to represent the country, maybe because we had a dream to become a sportsperson at some point of time, maybe we think sometime we should be playing there on the field, and the players there are simply representing some image of us on the field. We feel depressed if they fail, and we become cheerful if they win.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Funny Order.

This is the most funny order I have seen and an equally funny reply.

We had gone to City Choice Restaurant this tuesday. My friend gave order "Ek Veg. Sweet corn soup Two by Three karke". And after some time waiter brought One Sweet corn soup equally divided into two bowls and a third empty bowl.

There was one more incident worth mentioning, we ordered shahi murg or something. Waiter came after some time and tells us, shahi murg is not available sir, instead take murk adraki. There is no difference between the two except for colour.

Little Dilemma.

What I really want? is the question I quite frequently ask myself. A break from the work or a hectic work schedule. These days I comparatively have less work. And sitting all day in the office and doing nothing but reading things on the computer is driving me crazy. If I look one way, then it's comparatively a good life with no one really watching your back that what are you doing and how efficiently you are doing, but it isn't challenging. I liked it for first couple of days and now it's turning a boring experience. Somehow I feel it gives you a little feeling of insecurity. And at times when I had enough workload, I used to long for breaks, I used to look ahead at the time when I would finish up all this work and have some time for rest. Mind is so confusing, the more you try to look into it the more you get confused. It longs for a work, and when you really get to work it longs for a break.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mr. X

Confused?? then read on.
Last week I met a project trainee. Well I need not go into much details about how I met him, or he came to me and asked few questions. One reason I can give is somehow he figured out I work in this team. He came and asked me few questions about how he can proceed about his future. I myself don't know about my own future and he comes and asks me to give advice.
Anyway, I asked him "Which project you work on?"
and he shot back "Mr X" (name withheld, because there is fair probability of somebody from my office finding this).
I asked I beg your pardon (thinking that I heard it wrong), he replied "Mr. X" again.
I asked, what kind of project is this "Mr. X"? I have never heard about it?
Well in reality I work under Mr. X?
Then what is the project name.?
Well I am not very sure, but it's under Mr. X and I am working for past two months.
Who is Mr. X?
He's my project lead.. (Well anybody can deduce that.  I could not stop my laughter. I remembered a joke I had read somewhere, You ask a guy where is this shop X, and the guy replies in front of shop Y, you ask where is shop Y, he replies in front of shop X. )
Then some Q & A follow.
He suddenly asks me, What are my chances of becoming permanent.?
I replied, you answer like this, you will never become permanent.
For many questions I asked him,  most of the time his reply contained this word "Mr. X".

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Other (mind?)

Sometimes, I feel, like I am sleeping, like everything's happening in a dream. I could see myself doing things with much more grace and in slow motion. As usual the doorbell rings in the morning, nobody gets up to open the door, but I didn't feel irritated. I could see myself getting up, opening the door, brushing my teeth's, reading newspaper, getting ready for the office and then driving my bike. I could see my mind pre-occupied with something. I could see what I would be doing for the day, never worrying about the traffic. I tried to concentrate on the driving, but again, it was somebody else who was driving. I don't know, how I balanced my bike, how I negotiated traffic, or even how I took various turns. And there I am after 20 minutes in the office, and I don't even realize how I drove or when I passed Delmia, or bannerghatta road or kalyani mantapa? It just happened without me. Just happened and all the way, I was talking with asif, or humming to the tune of some song. Now whenever, I look back and try to realize how do I do some of these things; I don't remember putting any efforts to do these things; don't even realize that I am doing them. Like reading newspaper while brushing, like eating dinner while watching TV, like eating chips while reading books etc. The mind is totally at a different place, and the body does something else with perfection.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Yesterday, I completed two years in Honeywell. Looking back, it seemed just yesterday I had joined this company, and now two years have gone so quickly. I did some good stuff in those two years, worked on three RTOS's and written almost completely the last one. Though I don't like ageing but time seems to be deeply in love with me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Life's like that.

Sometimes (or usually?), when i really try and work hard to achieve or complete most of my work in a day, I end up finishing very less; But when I don't worry about how much I have to achieve and no goals set for the day, I end up finishing with more than a day's work. Life's like that; the more you try to get out of it, the less you had achieved at the end of day. The moment we give up and let the things happen; suddenly you start enjoying every moment of it.

Monday, July 5, 2004

A journey to Pluto.

I am probably the first amongst us to reach PLUTO :). After completing my work at the Mars base station, I had to move my operating base from Mars to Pluto. I called, movers and packers to pack off my belongings, which included a PC and other required accessories. I made a pit stop on Earth for lunch before carrying forward my journey. I entered into the main porch showed my access card and walked towards the capsule waiting at the basement to receive and take me off. I entered inside the capsule, punched appropriate buttons and then it took off. I reached safely on Pluto, second tier, right wing, and unpacked my belongings. Setup my PC, and communication network and there I was ready to carry my mission forward. Felt really nice. It is such a beautiful place. Nice bright colors, and just the near perfect working atmosphere. Gave me a wonderful feeling, and oh boy, I really made it. I made it to the architecture team.

For those who don't know, my office buildings are named after planets.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Adios R&T.

Alas, today's my last day in R&T. Tomorrow I will be moving to architecture team. I really enjoyed being part of R&T (at least for the part when others used to stare at you with appreciation and show little respect for you).

Oh you work in R&T, wow that's great! Tell me more about your work? It should be interesting and challenging isn't it? And what were your qualifications, and how did you entered into R&T team? I also want to join R&T, what all I need to learn? The last question always put me under dilemma. Whether I really know anything so that I am in R&T? I always had been an average performer, and these people used to be surprised and there reply was "that's your modesty" and never used to believe me. (Expecting same treatment when I will say that I work for architecture team:):).)

Paper (napkin).

Sometimes, too much of a plush working environment (or a showoff that you work in a plush offices??) can lead to funny incidences. It happened few days back I along with friends have gone to kamat restaurant on the Bangalore tumkur road. The place was okay not a big one. We were chatting and jokes were flowing as we were having brunch. I asks waiter to get some paper-napkins. The waiter nods and leaves to get one. When he returned back, almost everybody burst out laughing. He had brought that day's newspaper. To save further embracement, I thought of pretending to read newspaper; and to make matter worse, the newspaper was in kannada, about which I don't even know head or tail. I tried explaining the waiter about paper-napkin: the thing, you dry and clean your hands, with. He listened patiently gave a peculiar look, took a page out newspaper, tore it in half and handed it back.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Life - sometimes driven by silly incidents.

I still remember vividly the first day soon after my graduation I joined this company. It was great feeling. I was really impressed at with the company's buildings, neatness and cleanliness, the exterior decoration, interior decoration, the work environment, cafeteria, waiting lounge etc. Then there are signs all over the entrance doors "Through these doors walk the most disciplined, intelligent and cultured software professionals in the world" and my name written in bold letters on a notice board meant for that days activities as a new joiner. And that was impressive, the sense of belonging it gave was awesome. And I really wondered how people work in such a plush and wonderful environments. Heck, all software and many electronics companies look like that, so nothing special.

After being brought up in middle class, plush office places were always used to be in my dreams. And looking at all my uncles who worked as engineers, I had always imagined a mediocre working environment. Working near heaters, boilers, and some heavy machinery at quite high temperatures. Even those PLC's and PLD's looked bigger. And I imagined myself working as an electronics engineer in some of these companies; running around places amongst different heavy machinery's to fix some electronic fault that had occurred.

The initial topic for the first few days among us was always about our companies. We used to describe in lengths 'How does our company looks like?' And in those days we even visited each other's companies just to see how they look like. There was no comparison intended on the company's looks.

Anyway, why am I writing all these?? It just occurred me, as I was looking into past few days, I had visited infosys and just yesterday, I have seen people from my floor shouting on the air-conditioner fellow as the temperature had increased by a degree; i.e. from usual 22 degree to 23 degree. The increase in temperature wasn't noticeable at all, but the fluctuation on the display was enough for everybody to feel the heat, some even complained of sweating. Even you don't feel hungry, and after looking at the watch you suddenly get hungry. Just looking at surrounding fellows doesn't mean that you will also be amongst them. Sometimes life is indeed driven by silly incidents, like by a watch especially in the afternoons, by a temperature indicator and many more such things.

HE and the LIFT

He was ready to go, ready to leave office, ready to go out for shopping on the famous MG road. Since morning, he was waiting for this very moment. The door to his floor was locked. He slowly took out his access card, and showed it to the sensor right in his face. How could those dumb, small and silly sensors stop him?

He slowly opened the door and started walking towards lift. He was presently on the fifth floor. Before he could leave office he had a little unfinished work on the first floor, which by his calculations would not take more than two minutes. Lift seemed to him taking unnecessarily long time to reach fifth floor from the sixth floor.

He immediately jumped inside the lift, as it made its stop on the fifth floor, and pressed both the "first floor" and "door close" button simultaneously. For a moment he thought, he had made a world record of getting into the lift, closing the door, and pressing the destination floor button. He wondered at his amazing speed, and a pleasant smile decorated his face, as finally within next few minutes he would be there at MG road, but he was little disappointed as there was no one in the lift to observe his record.

The smile from his face disappeared when the lift made a halt on the fourth floor. And then reappeared after a brief period and after seeing who has just entered into the lift. A beautiful girl calmly walked into the lift, without caring for the time she took her own time for pressing the "door close" and "ground floor" button. The time had suddenly stopped for him now, everything was happening now in the slow motion. She seemed to have taken his notice and gave him a casual little smile back.

The lift finally made its stop on the first floor. It seemed to him that the lift was exceptionally fast through this part of journey. He didn't make any attempt towards the door of the lift. The lift stopped on the first floor for some time and started closing its door. At this very precise moment, the girl walks out of the lift and He's eyeball popped out of their socket. It was too late to get out of the lift. He stood there dumbly looking at the closing door, and the girl walking away.

He got out quickly on the ground floor, suddenly remembering his unfinished work on the first floor, and ran like hell through the stairs hoping to see her again. In the vast sea of cubicle's she had suddenly disappeared. Suddenly disappeared somewhere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

These days I have an urge to keep writing and writing. But what a bad luck, I have ran out of topics. So in order to satisfy my urge, I have started documentation ( seriously??) of my code, and I am doing nothing and reading others blogs. In case your site counter increases, don't blame me.

Monday, June 21, 2004


The movie was worth a wait. This Friday I got a chance to see it. After the huge success of Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar shows again what movie making is. He provides a little scope for our own imagination. The movie progresses perfectly without diverging anywhere. The movie revolves close to reality, unlike gadar where sunny alone bashes a battalion of pakistani army. He doesn't go after lengthy dialogues. Instead of words, he lets acting do the job. And all the actors have really performed well.

The movie revolves around a confused and careless urban youth Karan (Hrithik) from delhi. It reflects the character, not very active, a laidback sort of guy, not able to decide about the future, his struggles at the IMA, and later how he transforms into a vital captain in the Indian army. It takes him 24 years and 18,000 feet to know about himself.

Hrithik has delivered another superb performance. His portrayal of the transformation of a careless college guy to the captain of Indian army is amazing. His emotions particularly when he reaches the LOC for the first time, and then says "now I feel proud to be an Indian", when he calls his dad from the war front and his anguish after first attack of the Indians fails were exceptional. Though at some places hrithik seems to be still in his mentally retarded Koi Mil Gaya role.

Preity zinta does not disappoint either with her role of Romila Dutta a journalist. This is one of the few movies where Amitabh bacchan takes a back seat. Boman irani as hrithik's dad also portrays his small role nicely.

The photography is exceptional. I have never seen India look so beautiful. Some of the war scenes and the last rock climbing scenes are ultimate.

If you haven't seen the movie, go and watch it. It's really worth watching.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

This is BAAD

Suddenly out of the blue, many sites which I browse quite frequently are blocked at the office. And the blogger is one of the site which is blocked all the times. :( :( :(
When I had initially applied for my credit card, I had filled the form correctly. And to best of my knowledge the communication between me and the bank was fine. Today, I got a call from the bank, and they asked me "Can I talk to Mr. Dinkar.?" And I says "sorry wrong number". Now the operator argues, that the person, has indeed given the same number. I says to them,Okay, he might have given you the same number, but that's not me. Then she asks "Is it 9886381639?", I replies affirmative but I was getting irritated,I told her, there is no dinkar here and the phone number is wrong, and I hung up. Five minute later she calls up again and asks the same question. She still remains firm that the phone number is correct, and doesn't seem to be in any mood to stop the conversion. Then she asks me again "Okay this is
his full name. I want to talk to Mr Dinkar Piyush.?". Then It struck me that she has dropped my last name, and instead formatted my name according to the standard south Indian style.

Monday, June 14, 2004

B2B (Back to Bangalore)

Coming back to bangalore, especially after wonderful and leisurely stay home, is always displeasing. The very idea of coming back to work after a considerably long leisure and stress-free time is depressing. Anyway today, I finally came back to bangalore and back to work.
The journeys (to my home and back) I undertook this time are really memorable. Normally going alone on a 22-hour journey is quite boring. While going to nagpur this time, I had a wonderful time. The passengers travelling along with were jolly, and we had a good time. My fellow passengers were just returning from their trip to singapore, and south india. They were telling tales of distant places, and somehow it is always nice to hear about places we haven't seen. We had a long discussions on all topics right from travelling to the politics and to the cooking. For the first time I slept in the train well after 11.30 p.m. The return journey was as miserable as it can get. First of all there was a problem with the A.C. It was working, but the ventilation was not proper. So it was kind of suffocating and consistant smell of food stuff and heena through out the journey made me feel nauseous.
And yes, before I close, thanks mom and dad for giving me that birthday present of digital camera Kodak-Dx6340.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004


No, it's not related to you or me. No, It does not have anything to do with you or me. It is title of the new movie released, I really wanted to watch. But now, it seems I wouldn't be able to watch it before it goes out of theatres. The average movie review is good, and I have heard that it has a good comedy, with saif ali khan being outstanding, who has recently climbed up on my popularity ratings.
"Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban" releases this weekend. Grrrrrr and it looks like I will miss that one to.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Back to Home.

Finally after so many days, months, I am going back home. If I remember correctly, last time I went home was in january'04. I am just waiting for these few days to pass quickly. As an rule, when I really want time to pass quickly it always slows down it's speed. And when I really want time to slow down, it is always flying. Countdown has started and only two more days to go . . . . .


After one week of hectic schedule at the office, what better than a refreshing trip. After the exhausting week, this saturday we (Ajoy, Asif, Milind, Sheetal, Sunil and Me) all agreed for a one day trip to refreshen ourselves. Immediately a hunt for tourist spot started and finally Ajoy and Sheetal spotted Hogenakkal.

Sunday 7.30 a.m. We started our journey towards Hogenakkal, which is around 200 km. from bangalore. The 4-lane pit less National Highway 7 with splendid scenery on both sides, coupled with good music system and comfort of toyota quallis, made the journey smooth and gratifying. The average cruising speed was above 80 kmph.

On the way we took a pit stop, and did a trekking on surrounding hill. It was relatively easy trek. Though it was not intended in the trip, but was a nice welcome break. After refuelling we set ahead towards our destination. We took a pit stop again in dharampuri for brunch.

We reached Hogenakkal around 11.30 a.m. Situated on the Karnataka-TamilNadu border, Hogenakkal is one of the beautiful places in the state. The broad stream of the River Cauvery gets forked at this point, forming an island from where one stream continues on while it plunges into a deep chasm to create one of the loveliest waterfall. The mist generated by the falling water gives a look of smoke, which gives these rocks the name Hogenakkal which means "smoking rock" in Kannada. One side of chasm is in karnataka while other is in the state of tamilnadu. Song "Dil Hai Chootasa.. Chootisi aasha.." from the film "Roja" was shot here.

We hired a boat for travelling around places. The boats were made up of bamboo sticks, light weight and were in perfect round shape. These boats can be taken easily around places. We crossed the flowing river and got onto small island. From island one can see the beautiful fall. We then climbed down the chasm. By then the boatman had also taken his boat down the chasm. Did boating in the chasm, moved along the flow, and landed again on the island. Ajoy, Asif and Milind had a round of massage. We then spent some time in the river, it is said that the bath in the river is good for health, as on it's course it moves through herbs and has a high content of beneficial mineral salts.

Har ...... dhoop .... jindagi... Didn't get it ?? Well that's what we also heard. That was supposed to be sheetal's singing. She really needed a Mic. On the way back, as usual, we had a round of antakshary and through out 4-hour drive both teams were bhendi-less. We took lots of snaps. Snaps does not always project the actual scenario, but they do bring back fond memories. We even filmed a short documentary, which currently is undergoing editing.

The snaps can be seen here and here.

With many due requests to christen "HE", I finally asked "HE" for his preferred name of existence. But to my surprise "HE" refused pointblank, and "HE" says that "HE" is very happy being nothing else but with his existing name "HE".

Monday, May 17, 2004

Trek to Shivganga.

This weekend I, along with members of gathee-bhetee a newly formed group of marathi people in bangalore, went for a trek at shivganga. Shivganga is located on National highway 4, at around 49 Kms from bangalore towards pune. From distance, the hill looks like a shiv-pind, hence the name shivganga. The height of the trek was around 1300 meters above sea level.
We started from bangalore after 7.30 a.m. and reached kamat hotel on N.H.4 at around 9.00 a.m., the time for breakfast. After little breakfast we geared ahead for the trek. The trek started with a visit to shivtemple located at the bottom of the hill. Climbing was fun. Uphill started with a smaller slope and gradualy becoming steeper and steeper. Around 60-70% of the trek height can be climbed easily, as the slope isn't too much. After that it becomes steep. The last 25-30% is almost vertical. Small steps carved on the rocks made climbing quite easier. On the way up we had few breaks, few drinks (lime juice and salted lassi only.), and lot of fun generated by pulling somebody's leg.
After we had climbed up, we settled for lunch. Especially after running through south indian food for almost two years, a maharashtrian food is always delicious. And those sandwiches were really mouthwatering. The afternoon was made memorable by singing of yogesh, and poems of bhakti, jokes of ashwini, shayari, babbar sher's and others.
It started raining at the time of climbing down. Rocks became slippery, making it difficult, and the lightning was shooting jets of current through the railings if we tried to grab it for support. Perhaps the most difficult part in the trek was my role of convincing grandma for a pocket money.
Being introvert, puts a limitation on me. Neither I can sing, nor I can remember jokes, shayari, nor I can compose a poem. Searching for a talent in myself seems to be difficult task usually on such ocassions. And even if I find one, then demonstrating is another problem. That's one reason, I rarely manage to keep myself engaged in a group for a long time, but this group really made me feel friendly on the first occasion itself. Nor I felt as unconfortable as I had been to the few previous groups I had been with. Usually in a group, I had seen many subgroups. And they seem to be preoccupied with there own friends, so you feel even more lonely.
Three cheers for that trek. And three cheers for marathi group gathee-bhetee for organising it.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


He, along with his friends, was wandering in national forest. He was enjoying every moment. He heard a distinct sound. It was audible, but not clear. A long silence followed, then he heard it again for second time. From the intensity of the sound, it was evident that whoever making that sound was in fact coming closer. He heard it again, and it was clear to him that he heard a roar. For some time he didn't believe that it was a roar. But it was becoming clearer and clearer. From distance a shadow emerged and began regaining it's shape, a figure of lion started coming into focus. It seemed, lion was outraged by something, probably he hasn't eaten anything. Then his and lions eyes locked. A long silence followed. Then suddenly lion started running towards him. He was shocked. He didn't know what would happen and what he should do. For the first time, he was at the loss of thinking any solution. It was happening so fast. He was merrily roaming, and suddenly he found himself here in front of a big strong lion, ready to pounce on him. Suddenly everything went black. He tightly closed his eyes, and waited patiently. There was nothing he could do. He was scared. He wanted to run, but he knew how far he could run. There was no point in running. He slowly opened his eyes. His friends were there stunned and shocked. The lion was still standing few feet's from them. Then suddenly lion disappeared, as it had come. They all were still shocked to move. One of them gathered courage, and went ahead towards the spot where lion was standing. Beyond bushes he saw a big trench, which lion could not cross. The trench was prepared by the forest officials to prevent people from roaming into the deeper and denser forests and also from wild animals to enter into the civilised area. They all laughed in order to shake off the fear. The return journey was smooth and they all were excited to tell other people the incident they had just witnessed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Finally after many days, I got my bike serviced. It looks great after servicing, especially as it had undergone a thorough wash. The drive has become smooth, the gears are moving nicely, pickup has improved, engine has reduced vibrations at greater speeds and more importantly, shock-ups are now absorbing shocks more efficiently (as they were quite jammed because of my negligence). Feels like going out for a long ride, as rains over past couple of days have created a perfect and cooler weather.

Monday, May 10, 2004

He was born in poor family. His father used to scratch out a living, from hardscrabble farming. It was barely enough to feed all those mouths in the family. But his father were obstinate, that he becomes well-educated. He started his study in government schools. Though having shaky starts, he did well in his first year exams. Everybody from the surrounding came and congratulated him.
This instilled a passion to work hard, study hard, conversely earn more respect for family. Scholarships followed, and they took care of his educational expenses. He became engineer from a reputed college. He had a couple of jobs in his pocket. At this time he wasn't worried about the pay, those companies were offering. He considered the work they were offering. His first couple of years were fine. The money company was pouring on him was enough evidence about his work. His family was happy and proud of there son. He really was shining like a star.
The grid for money slowly crept in, and then kept on increasing. The only way to quench his thirst was to work harder and harder. He started coming late, and always he was in hurry. Many times, he seemed to be preoccupied with his work.
One day, as usual, he was coming late in night. Even on the way back to home, he was thinking about tomorrows meeting. The material, he was going to present tomorrow. He can visualize himself, standing in front of his colleagues, and a major customer giving an important presentation. If he would be able to convince them tomorrow, He would bag a contract worth millions of dollars. He was driving fast. He was thinking, why it was taking so much time to reach home. He had a big night ahead.
preoccupied with thoughts, he didn't see the indica standing on the roadside ahead, and rammed straight. The impact was enormous. He suffered severe brain injuries, and lies in coma, and may not come back to life again. All his dreams were shattered within minutes. His father thought, perhaps, he would not have allowed him to go too far. Perhaps, he would not have allowed to study ahead. Perhaps, he would not have allowed to work late in night, and perhaps...

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Just yesterday, my roommate's friend had an terrible accident. The accident was really bad. He is now in comma, and doc says there's lil chance of his survival. After hearing new, though he is not in any way related to me, I really felt bad. Don't know whether everybody feels like that. The mere idea of his accident made me feel gloomy. I think, it;s because we are not used to seeing illness or our own fear of injury. The fact that something similar might happen to us, as we also undergo almost same routine, strengthens that belief. I sincerely offer prayers to him. May god bless him.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Was just going through old stuff present on my disk. Came across the project I had done when I was in thrid year of graduation. I saw demo of that code again. I saw it again. It has some special importance, and always feels good whenever I play it. I still remember those days when we were doing that project on Speech Recognition. We were trying vaguely to implement algorithms (DFT and FFT), about which we didn't even knew head or tail at that time. Then we had meeting with Mr. Sampath from concepts, and things got quite simple. We abandoned that idea of DFT and FFT and we resorted to the old time domain method for speech recognition. As usual jaydeep and sameer did most of the understanding and coding. Amit was ill at that time, vishal and i had gone home. When I came back, Jaydeep and sammer announced that after many failures with those DFT and FFT algorithms, we finally were able to recognise two words with pretty high success rate. After that we extended the concept to speech operated elevator. Only drawback at that time was that it's success rate used to decrease as we tryied to increase number of words to recognise, and with many different sounds and pronunciations our database would increase and so did the failure rate. Finally we compromised at identifying only two words, one word (soar) to make that lift move up, and other (reverse) to move it down. The idea to identify was to identify the position of letter "s" from these two words. Then we further extended the concept with the real dummy lift, driven by motors. That didn't happen, because of shortage of time, But we did that graphically on computer simulation of the lift.
Never got bored with that stuff, though it might have been old, or nobody might use that technique to recognise speech now. It's always a nice feeling when you could say that I did that when I was in school, and at that time when others were also trying. Though the implementation wasn't any sophisticated, but the concept was relatively new at that time. And for a college project, it was really nice to attemt quite successfully. In the compitition organised at the inter-college level, we did got second prize. Just after another masterpiece, a remote controlled car by nachiket, ajit, rohit, anupam and sumeet. I still like that third year project more that any other project I have done. Partly, the last year project was almost a sort of bouncer to me. It was successful specially because of sameer and jaydeep, as they did the most part of understanding. At the end, when I understood that project completely, it seemed simple enough to implement for anybody. On the way we disproved somebody (don;t want to disclose names), and identified a new relationship between speech signals. We got an international paper in EURASIP journal for that.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

On Birthday's..

It's real nice to celebrate birthdays.
I like, the way people come and bless,
I like gifts people brings to me,
I like blowing of candles on birthday cake,
I like cutting birthday cake,
And what I don't like is b'day bums.

Avoide those who give that wise comment, "Look you should be doing good things, now since another year has gone". Even i know that I am wasting my days, but atleast I am happy with the way I am living my life. Somethings I would definitely had done better, but in the end they all turned out to be just fine.
When I look back, I could see a bright (not soo) past. But considering whatever I have today, it certainly was bright. Well I am waiting for that big day ahead.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Normally we speak marathi even in bangalore as all friends are maharashtrian. And except in the office and outside, there is no need to speak local language. My friend, who was giving directions to the taxi he had called, told the driver "wahanse KHUPP aage aao." The driver was stumped and might be thinking what does that mean? Then i went to a tamilian restaurant, and asked waiter "sambar Vaati me doo", waiter was confused.

There seems to be many maharashtrians in banglore now. Sometime it really feels good, but sometimes bad. We used to enjoy privacy, even in the public places, as no one used to understand marathi. Now, since, we find marathi people, we can not talk loudly at public places, which we would have otherwise. For example, while fixing our cable, we were trying to explain the cable-man about how he should fix it. But despite of our attempts, he seemed not to be getting anywhere near our expected pattern. Finally my friend, out of frustration, said out quite loudly " Hey south-indians muthh astat, bilkul bindok" and blah blah blah. Well the cablewala heard that and replied angrily "Kai mhanalas, punha bol", then my friend was running for some covering sayings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I had been to mysore on three different ocassions, but never been with the guided tour operators. It was quite funny, the way they were describing history. At one place, they showed a big red coloured building, and explained that "in this building, food, lodging and washing are given free to every occupant", natuarally everybody wanted to have a look, and everybody were straining to get a glimpse of that monument. Then the guide explained "... thats the mysore central jail", and suddenly out of nowhere a big plank, calmly sitting on that building with bold letters MYSORE CENTRAL JAIL, came in the view. It was there from the beginning, but suddenly came to focus. Then there is a fort built by tipu sultan in srirangapattana. The guide explained, "After three fights with the britishers tipu sultan was defeated, not because they out-performed him, but because his defense minister betrayed him. Before dying, tipu sultan and his father were ruled by srirangapattana for 22 years."....and we were unable to control the laughter. Lastly when we entered vrindavan garden he said "this is vrindavan garden, which is famous for its fountains and musical fountains. As you can see, there are number of fountains in this garden, these fountains are supplied water from the dam, and it is very beautiful to look in the night because of number of bulbs illuminating it but in fact there is no water in dam, still it is beautiful". How can we see a beauty of a fountain, without water in it.??

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

When the future looks bleak, we tend to loose our interest with the present. We stop worrying about the present and start thinking about the future, which has not yet arrived. This mess's up the present, as we loose our concentration, and that again mess up the future which was coming.

Friday, April 2, 2004

This had happened few years back. That time I was travelling in mumbai by the local train. The train had stopped on some station, I don't excatly remember name, and as usual local train was over-crowded. Many people come daily in the search of work, or just to roam-around. The city has almost everything, right from the five-star hotels to the road-side motels, plush banglows to slum-dwellers. Nobody really cares what others are doing. As i was saying, the train was stopped on the station. The train was about to leave, when some people came running towards our coach. They were shouting something, which was un-clear, because of noise around. When they reached the door, of our compartment, they started pulling out men standing at the door. We were tensed. As i said, mumbai is un-predictable, we thought they were some gundaa's and were trying to loot passengers. Through window i could see those fellows dragging those poor passengers. They were shouting something, and they took them in the room. Then some of them again came back towards our coach, I was praying for the train to start moving and it did start moving before they reached our coach again. I read that board hanging above that room, and i was surprised, there was a twist-in-the-tale. The baord declared "Railway Police Station", and those people in fact were policemen in civil dress.
Now my view changed completely, but still i was surprised, and a bit scared. They were coming back again towards our coach indicated that there are some-more culprits still there in our coach. Anxiety grapsed us. The feeling that there are some culprits amogst us and they might do something, made us uneasy. But even this assumption was short-lived, as moments after, i came to know that the compartment i was sitting was in fact a ladies compartment and Immediately on the next station, even before the train had come to a standstill, we jumped out of the compartment from back side, and boarded another compartment.

Monday, March 22, 2004

I know, you wouldn't read this, rather than you wouldn't, you will never read this at all but still. Whenever i was scared, it was you with whom i could seek solace. Whenever i was unconfortable, troubled, dysphoric or distressed with something, you would make me cheerful and make my day. I could turn to you for anything, i needed, and i am sure, you always helped me. I could confide almost everything with you. I always loved you, but i am affraid, i never said so nor I tried to show in any way. Now you have gone, i feel stranded alone. I will miss you. Me tula kadhich saangu shakalo nahii..

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

He always had a pleasant smile decorating his face. His face always used to be beaming. He always used to crack jokes on others, but he had uncanny habbit of maintaining good relations with others. Everybody seemed to be liking his presence. Even when he had met with an near fatal accident he wasn't even crying or cursing the driver, though it wasn't his fault at all. He wasn't even worried, nor he showed any symptoms of weakness. He was always on the cloud nine. He used to get up early, then study for an hour or so. At around nine-o-clock, he used to get dressed up, put on a mild perfume, and used to leave for library. Evenings he used to return, and used to tell us what happened during the day. He used to talk about companies, he used to tell us about different types of people he had seen during the day. He used to comment about there speaking styles, sometimes used to enact them, sometimes used to tell us, how he made fool of them, and sometimes, how they proved that he don't know enough.
On that day also, his routine was same, nothing different from other days, only difference was that he had an interview with his dream company. This was his day, he had waited and prepared for. I remember his beaming face and him telling me "I always wanted to join this company, work for this company. The field in which they work is so exciting, there's wide scope for research. The work environment is so friendly that you don't feel that you are really working for some company, but instead you feel you are at your home, chatting with friends, and doing work, like we used to do during the college projects and so on". Listening him, had had taken me back to those wonderful days of the college
That day, he came back little late than his scheduled time. I have never seen him so depressed during the days we were together. In an instant complete conversation, which we had in the morning time flashed through my mind. He was beaming and telling, me that "I always wanted to join this company.... ". He was on the verge of crying. I had never seen him soo depressed, dejected, demoralised, despirited, and downhearted. This was completely a shocker to me, and i didn't know how to react. Still, i asked him, what happened?. He replied, they didn't select me, they didn't felt that i am good for there place, and they only selected one person out of thousands people who have come there for jobs. I replied "never mind", to boost his confidence, "There are many better companies out there, and the best one will certainly find you.", "these are parts of life, sometimes you never get what you really wanted." and blah blah blah. I don;t recollect how long i was solacing, and soothing him. But at the end, he was back to his pleasant mood. I was feeling quite good, at my performance. He said, smiling, lets go out and have a party, "I am the only one who's selected"

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Nowadays i avoide going markets, not because i don't like it, but i don't feel any good while going to markets. Maybe just like other things, this patch will also end soon, like Nothing lasts forever. There are some people who tries to do anything, just to save there skin.
There are people who are so lazy that they don't even bother to do things and on the contrary ask others to do it.
There are people who are never bothered about things present in the house. They are only concerned about the things that are not there in the house, and they keep bugging others to go out and get them for them. If they are asked to go out and get the required things themselves, then "I am expecting a phone call now", "The market is very close, why don't you yourself go out and get it?? ", "I have to got to loo" or "I have a favourite program coming up now, and anyway you are going out" type of answers ready. They themselves will never go out and buy stuff.
Then there are some people, who don;t bug you about getting things. They don't have any special requests, and they are happy with whatever present. They don't even complain about things which are not there, nor they ask "why did you buy that?". They don't bother to check if any thing is required or not. These people when asked to go out and buy some things, will ask us "why don't you also come with me?", "I am ready to go out, but it is better if you also come with me", or "I won't go out alone it feels boring to go out for shopping alone".
Then there are some people, who keep track of things what are there and what are not there. And then don't ask others to go out get the things, but in fact they themselves go out and get it for everybody.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Last saturday we went to the RAMGARH a place from the famous hit movie sholay. Actually the place is known as ramnagaram and it is on the bangalore-mysore highway. From the discription we had about the place, it looked like it will be a wonderful place. After reaching there it turned out that there is nothing to see except the place where sholay was shot. There was nothing to see.... But there was a lot for trekking and rock climbimg. The region is completely hilly and rocky. We just imagined how would the famous rock mountains would look like.
On top of the tallest hill, the first thing to catch our attention, was a huge elephant look alike rock. And we promptly shot it down with our olympus camera. I said we will go and conquer it, but others were opposed to my idea. Though i said we will go and conquer it, it was an impossible task to reach at the top without proper trekking equipments. We went ahead and kept climbing, and finally when we reached the place, afterwhich it was not possible to go ahead without trekking equipments, we found that we had reached the neck of that mammoth elephant look alike. The view from the top was magnificent. We could see a wide area. The first impression at the top revealed that it might had been a watch tower for some emperor. A gaze at the highway enabled us to see the tiny ant sized vehicles. Even the mighty train was looking smaller than a toy train, and it was difficult to spot human being, partly because the area was sparcely populated. It was fun, being there, watching the birds view. The snaps, which we took there, reveals the hight we had climbed. There was a small pond, about which the rickshaw driver had nagged enough not to go near the water. So we abandoned the plans to enter the water, as if we had very great plans. Looking at the water, the first impression was that anyone would die if he dared enough to drink a gulp of it. The trek took less than two hours, partly because of our fascinating climbing skills, and partly beacuse a search to find a suitable place to start climbing had revealed a small trail, which was easy to follow with insignificant effort, but it involved some amount to climbing

On our return journey, we plucked some raw mangoes, and ate them. They were delicious and inspired milind to quote.
" Unhone humein nahin apanaaya isliye hum pahadion me chale gayein.
Pathharon ko khohane jo gayen unhe bagiche bhi mil gayein!!."

Monday, February 16, 2004

These are posts from the earlier blog. I lost the login to that blog.

He was in his bed. It was around mid-night. He was'nt feeling sleepy, but did'nt wanted to stay awake either. He was praying for sleep as he wanted to sleep sound. If it had been any other day tommorrow, he would not have bothered much about sleep. He would have stayed awake, as long as he can, and watched television, or just spent time by reading novels, magazines or paper. He never bothered to get up early in the morning. Tommorrow morning also he did not wanted to get up early. But still today he was desperately trying to sleep, as tommorrow morning he had an examination, and he wanted to make sure that he had enough sleep, so that he would be fresh and energetic for examination.
He could see all the days he had spent till today. He could see how much preparation he had put into this examination. He wanted to scream out loud, and to tell everybody that he would be disappointing them, who have expectations from him, as he had not put enough efforts. He was consolidating his belief, that he has not prepared enough. And during past couple of days he had told others that he had not prepared anything. He wanted to make sure that tommorrow nobody would blame him, nobody would criticise him about his preparation. But internally he has a feeling that he had let down himself. He had failed in his efforts. He could not resist temptations offered by his lazyness, sporting activities, reading novels, spending time, poking into others matters etc during past months. All those moments he could clearly see now. They all seemed to have become alive suddenly and were enjoying teasing him. He wasn't worried of that either. But he was scared of the result. He was scared that tommorrow others would say that he can not write exams. He was scared, because his ego would be shattered, because somebody would go ahead, because result could jeopardise his future prospects, because he had a guilty feeling that he had not studied, because he could imagine himself as a rabbit in the race between rabbit and tortoise.
He came home after the examination. He wasn't feeling gloomy. He was cheerful. He wanted to scream "I did it!! I did it!!". He had managed to write examination correctly. He was laughing about his yesterday's foolishness, yesterdays thoughts. He didn't had any fear now, and he was prepared for the results. He had just overcome his own loss of self confidence, overcome his fears, and now he was looking at the bright side of sun. The future seemed to smile endlessly. The future seemed to be in his grasp. The future was calling him. The future was calling him.


You are the one who taught me to walk, instead of crawling. Stand on the feets and face the world.
You are the one who taught me to see the things differently. Differently so that i can make the difference.
You are the one who taught me to speak. Speak so that I can make my point.
You are the one who taught me to listen. Listen so that I can not underestimate others. Listen so that I can listen to others about there views. Listen so that I can not be partial about somebody. Listen so that anybody can speak with me, share his feelings.
You are the one who taught me to think. Think so that I can apply my experience from past, so that i can avoid problems in future and process my thoughts.
You are the one who taught me about feelings. Feelings, so that I can understand about others feelings. So that I can take care that i am not interfering others privacy. So that I can give due respects to others.
To you my parents, who took pain to bring me up, and making a future for me. Many times, i may have hurt you, but never said sorry. Many times, i might have troubled you, thinking it's all your fault. Many times, i may have caused inconvinience. I thank you for being by my side through all this time. Lots of love to you Mom, Dad.


This time we had been to karwar. It's a small place near the Karnataka-Goa border. It's a nice place. The local people there speaks "konkani" language, very similar to marathi. So i was able to converse with them easily. Here in bangalore, since i don't know kannada, i cant understand anything whenever people speaks something. It feels nice, when you are in the region, where you can understand others language. You feel homely, secured, and you feel that you belonged to that place. Suddenly you start appreciating the place.
We went to a small island named "great islands", around 5 km's, in the arabian ocean. The tour operator was charging around Rs 200 for the trip. From the cost we thought, it not even two km's, so we sort of started bargaining with him. But he was adamant upon 200 rupees. Finally we agreed. I had never been on sea. I thought, the experience of the ride would be like normal pedal boat in lake. It was a small motor driven boat. The motor was not powerful, but enough to carry you at a speed of about 30-40 km's. We got into the boat, and set off to that 2km distant looking land. We were riding for around half an hour and still, the island was looking distant. Then we realised, the island was indeed distant. As the boat went deeper inside the sea, the speed started decreasing, because of opposition from waves. As we were getting deeper inside the sea, the boat started quivering. At first we ignored it. But later it was too much. We asked the boat driver about the depth of sea. He replied, don't worry sir, it's only fourty feet deep here, nothing will happen to you. I have heard that some people die even in five feet deep swimming pool, and this guy is calmly saying, it's only fourty feet deep here, and I don't even know how to swim. The ride was indeed thrilling. Finally we reached the island. The island was beautiful. There was a dolphin's point, from where you can see dolphines in the sea. It had a exotic beach. and a lovely landscape.
Next day we went to goa. In goa, we went to cancona. The beach was palolem. It's in south goa. The beach is less visited one, and hence clean. We rented a shack on the beach. We did surfing and enjoyed a lot. Next day we hired a bike, and travelled along the coastat side of the goa. The experience was indeed wonderful. Within every seven kilometers, there is a beautiful beach. One has to see goa atleast once in his lifetime.


The alarm clock started ringing. It started ringing with a low volume and then kept on increasing it's volume. He was fast asleep. Probably he was dreaming, there was a pleasent smile on his face. He was imagining ringing bells in the dream. When alarm bacame heavy, he started rumbling, opened his eyes, and then came to know that the alarm was ringing instead of his imaginary ringing bells. He woke up..he was sleepy. The world was slowly coming into focus. He switched off the clock, yawned, washed his face and sat up for study. Soon after few minutes, he was dozing again. He tried changing positions, splashed water on his face, but could not help it. In an desperate attempt to drive away the sleep, he switched on the music system, spent some time wandering in his room. Again resumed his interrupted study. Slowly from the usual uncomfortable table and chair, he started drifting towards his comfortable bed. The bed, with the warmth of blanket and cushy pillows, looked inviting. The pleasent smile appeared on his face, similar to the one he had few time before, before the alarm clock was ringing.
He knew about the fate of next morning.


Feeling very sleepy today, got up early.....


In a broader sense, we know how people behave, how they are, how they talk, how they mean things, are they joking, or are they taunting. Atleast about those who are close to us. Most of the times, we take things for granted. We think this guy, will always behave good to me. And if he is joking, still you want to believe that he is speaking truth. Or if this guy always critisizes you, even if he really praises you, you beleive that he is speaking phony. It hurts more, if somebody very close to you speak things, which you don't want to hear. Even though you yourself know that it is true, you get angry, if somebody else speaks about it.
Because we always look towards things through our own perception, there are many misconceptions about others. We should spend some time looking through others perspective and then try to judge them. Many times we speak about things, without even verifying them, without even bothering to see what others actually had intended. We jump to conclusions without even judging others. Now I know why speaking is considered as equivalent to shooting arrows.


It all started, when sunil's friend came to visit our house few days ago for couple of months. We sort of welcomed him, provided necessary things. Since night is the only free time, that we can use, We spend time, watching television set, talking about how was our day, and things like that. You don;t need to start talking about any particular predetermined topic. It all occurs naturally. Since we didn;t had any spare bedroom, we arranged T.V. room for him to use. The problem started there. He is a early riser, and hence early sleeper. So we have to quit T.V. even before, we assemble to watch it. Now we almost talk daily about how we can view T.V. as usual, How we can stay awake late iin the night.?? The immediate solution is to move out him from the T.V room, but there is a problem, since he sleeps early, we can't put him together with others, And also, there is no other place where we can move T.V. It seems that most of the time, he is the center of our discussion for now. We start talking about anything, and unknowingly we always end up talking about him, no matter what we were talking about. Somehow we always take a U turn.

Sometimes we tend to forget things and try to remembering them again and again. Sometimes we remember things and still try to remember again and again. And Sometimes we remember things and we don't want to remember them again and again, but simply we don't forget them.


It happened few months back, when we had just shifted to our new house. We were busy doing cleaning of the new house. All the arrangements we had to do. Finally when everything was okay, we were relaxing for some time. For the first time we had a T.V. in our house in bangalore. We called up the cable guy to fix up cable T.V. in our house. Initially he tried to struck conversation in kannada. We could not make head or tail of the conversation, so we tried English, Finally we setteled on hindi with which we are comfortable. He could understand basic elementary stuff in hindi. While laying off cable for the television, we asked him to leave some extra cable in our house, so incase we moved our television set around house we need not call him again. But he could not understand the intend correctly and started giving all sorts of reason, like the signal would not be clear, it will cause harm to the television set, and even moving of television will cause harm to others signal. Now being from electronics background, we were not ready to accept this argument. Finally after much fuss, we decided to let the things as he likes. In the irritation my friend said "yanna kahi kalat nahi, ani apalach shanpana dakhavat astat. Bilkul bindok astat he lok. Aata yala thodi vayar jasti thevayla sangitala tar yachya bapacha kai jata aahe", thinking that he does not know marathi, which is a rare sight here. He heard that and replied "Kai bolalas tu..?? Parat Bol.!!".

Last week, I had appointment at 7.00 p.m. I had reached early, and i was waiting there for an hour or so. Then I saw her, and smiled. She also saw me, and returned smile. It was the time for appointment. The egarly awaited appointment. For past few days I was looking forward for this moment, and now the time had come.

I sat there, after some friendly chat, I saw that she was holding some needles like knives. She asked me to keep my calm. I was getting scared. It seemed, that all the happiness was vanishing. She then started drilling into my body. Nobody was there to confront me. I was all alone, with her, and her knives. She again asked me to sit there calmly and again returned that big smile. After drilling for some time, she started stabbed me with those needles. Stabbed me many times. I wanted to run away. I was scared, I wanted to scream, I was sweating. But somehow I was transfixed there, could not run away, scream or show away my fear. She then covered the wound, and asked me to see her again next week for monitoring the progress of Just performed Root-Canal-Treatment.


During the lunch hour today, we drifted to a conversation about the attitude of indian people. We Indians have too much care, sentiments about the things we possess. In fact we keep on buying newer and newer things, but we are reluctant to throw away the old ones. No matter we have a thing which was of no use. But still we will possess that for a long time, until our grandchildren or someone throw them away. My friend was saying they had a house, which ws built many decades before. The house was buit by his great-grandfather. The house was broken at places. Still they took a long debate, whether to destroy that house and construct a new one, or not. However old a thing is, we have some sort of sentiment attached to it. This was my first toy, first bike, first house or this was presented by my father, my grandparents etc.


Finally back from the Ooty trip.. The Ooty trip was nice. We started from bangalore at around 11.00 p.m. by a taxi(quallis) and reached Ooty at around 7.00a.m.

The hotel was really nice(courtsey milind). It was indeed a grand hotel (Atleast our room was). The interior was completely wooden furnished. Looked as if it was constructed in the golden olden era. It had a small fire-place, and a couple of chairs to sit there. There were nice paintings hanging on the walls. The front porch had a small flower garden, which was maintained very well. Few chairs were kept there, just to relax and enjoy the pleasant morning sunrise with a beautiful mountain and the city view.

The day we spent in visiting botanical garden, Rose garden, Dodabetta, and the Ooty lake. The botanical garden is really a huge one, with wide variaty of plants. It was very well maintained, and was really clean. The plastic bags were banned at all the places in Ooty, and kunoor. Rose garden, as the name suggests, was full of different varieties of roses. Right from bright red to lily white, green to yellow and to blue. Dodabetta is the highest peak in the nilgiri mountain range. It is famous for the panoramic view it has to offer of the landscape, beautiful vistas of nilgiri hill ranges, and the dense forest.

The next day we started with a journey by mountain railway, which leaves from Ooty to Kunnoor. The complete railway track was surrounded by the scenic beauty of the nilgiri hills. In kunnor we saw tea garden's, dolphin's nose, suicide point, and law falls. I found kunnor to be a lot better place than the Ooty. The dolphin's nose and suicide point are really amazing. In contrast, the law falls turned out to be an dull affair. They say "roja" was shot completely in and around kunnor, while everyone belives it to be shot completely in the kashmir.

On the way back to bangalore, we saw some spots in madhumalai and pykara falls, which were filmed in "raja hindusthani", and mudumalai wild life sanctury. During our stay at ooty, we had a session of playing cards. The session was made lively by the sparkling jokes from sameer, ajit, milind, vishal and partly by me.

Tommorrow I have to undergo a root-canal-treatment.. boo-hoo-hoo. A complete contrast to the last week... I heard it causes too much of pain. Boo-hoo-hoo.


Finally back from the Ooty trip.. Back again to the daily monotonous routine environment of the office. The work is good, But daily you come at some time, stay there, do something, and again back to home. No slightest change. Sometime I ask myself intermittently. "Why do we follow the same pattern daily.?" The answer seems be Just to acheive the so called "social" status. The status dependes upon how much do you earn..??, How much do you spend..??, How do you stay..??, How do you speak in the community.??. Well that's some of the obvious things, but it also comes down to, How do you express your anger..??, How do you smile..??, How so you walk..??, How do you talk..??, How often do you talk..??, What actually do you say..?? etc. People are more interested in knowing what other people do, than what actually they do. And the funny thing is that "How much you spend" is more social than "how much you earn".


Ever Wonder..!!

Ever wondered about how do we blink..??
I tried once, Just to know about the time's when we blink.. I was just curious about to see myself blinking without deleberately attempting to blink. I wanted to be a witness to this automatic blinking process of our eyes. I found out that, when ever I tried to think about blinking.. The eye's stopped blinking at all. The mere thought of being concious about the presence of this blinking phenomenon of the eyes, makes eyes stop blinking. The moment you forget about being a witness to this blinking process, the blinking starts again.

This reminds me of an conversation i read somewhere.
An Ant asks centipede, how do you know, which feet now you need to pick up for walking ahead. The centipede replied, he does not need to decide about his feets, it just happens as it should be. The Ant leaves, being surprised at this explanation, but deos not comment anything, as she also knows, there could not be possibly any other explanation the centipede has to offer, or the centipede is not willing to disclose his secret. Tangled in his own legs, the centipede never walked after.


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