Monday, December 29, 2003

Food Please..
Last week, as usual we went out for dinner. Being in the BTM area, we don't have musch choice for the hotels. For the past many months, it has always been UPUPI Garden restaurant. This time we thought we will try THE LEO'S. It was looking nice. I thought okay finally we have got an alternative for the usual upupi garden restaurant. The interior was better than upupi and the overall ambience was good. The waiter brought water and the menu card and as usual he left, allowing us to decide for the menu before he can come back again for the order. We went through the menu card and decided the food. When the waiter came back, we gave him order. After taking order he said, Sorry Sir, Mix Vegetable is not available today. So we ordered another dish. He promptly replied back, "Paneer Butter Masala is not available either", we ordered another, again his reply was same. By this time we were getting angry, I asked him, what do you have to serve today. He told that they only have two things which are available out of ten's of dishes mentioned in the Menu card. Finally, as it was already late, we asked him to bring both dishes, and we vowed that we will never come back again to THE LEO'S and will not think about alternative hotel for the Upupi Gardem.


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